Happy Birthday Has Been Trademarked

from the brilliant dept

Andreas writes “A Chinese company has trademarked “Happy birthday”. The article says that ‘The words “happy birthday” can no longer be legally used if the words are pinned to any other products, since a private Chinese company registered it as its trademark this month in 25 countries including the United States, Japan and European Union members.'” Of course, the song Happy Birthday is a fiercely guarded copyright already, so why not a trademark as well? It’s hard to see how this one would stand up, but stranger things have happened.

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Comments on “Happy Birthday Has Been Trademarked”

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chris says:

Happy Friggin Birthday

Is it legal that way? This is rediculous and pathetic. I think I will trademark all vowels and consanents, or any sound that a human can make… as well as black and white.. so anytime anything is written, or spoke, or farted, someone will have to pay me.. Thanks for the great ideas..

PATHETIC !!!! Trademark my ass…

Happy Birthday flippin idiots

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