The Amazing Shrinking Everything

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We’ve been making fun of the NY Times lately for a series of articles that seem, well, a bit dated, considering they’ve been covered by just about everyone else by the time the good folks at Circuits have deemed it worthy of Times coverage. The latest may be their article on how gadgets may be getting too small. This has been covered multiple times going back at least three years. However, while my reaction three years ago was that a phone could never really be “too small” until it was embedded in my head, some of the other points in the article do make some sense. Certain devices have shrunk to a size where they’re perfectly functional, and shrinking them any further is only likely to detract from functionality. Perhaps my original statements need to be amended. While embedding electronics directly into my head may seem ideal, there’s a size somewhere between embedding and being a “handheld” device where things are too small to use, and too big to embed.

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