Pop Ups Still Sneaking Through

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While more and more people are using pop-up blockers, thanks to SP2, Firefox and the Google toolbar, it appears that some advertisers are still trying to get around the block methods — with some amount of success. The reasoning is always the same: pop-ups have much higher clickthrough rates, despite evidence suggesting that most clicks are by accident, and companies that advertise by popup are often seen in a negative light by surfers. It seems particularly pointless, then, to get around pop-up blockers. Here are people who have made it clear they don’t care, and they won’t click, or if they do click it’s by accident — and these advertising companies go out and waste money to come up with schemes to get around these blocks to get to the very people who are the least likely to care and the least likely to actually buy something off a pop-up. At least a few advertisers are figuring this out. One company in the article says that since the rise of pop-up blockers, their popups are performing much better, because it’s hitting people who aren’t upset with popups. Again, it makes you wonder why companies would waste the time and money to get around blockers.

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Comments on “Pop Ups Still Sneaking Through”

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Steve Mueller (user link) says:

Web Masters Are To Blame, Too

It sounds like it’s not just the advertisers doing this. The article said the Drudge report changed navigation links to also generate a popup, so the Web masters may share some of the blame.

In fact, if Web masters have control over what kind of ads get displayed by an ad company, they get most of the blame. They might get paid more for popups, but if they can decline them and don’t, I don’t see why the advertisers should take all the blame.

Forunately, I have a decent combination of tools — Mozilla and Norton Internet Security — so I haven’t seen a popup in a while. Of course, it could be that the sites I visit don’t use them, too.

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