PayPal Having Technical Difficulties

from the ah,-the-fragility-of-the-'net dept

Every once in a while we’re reminded what happens when some aspect of the internet that many people rely on goes down for some reason. A few years back, eBay went down for a few days, leading to many stories about how they needed to improve their service. Now, eBay subsidiary PayPal is having a series of outage problems. Apparently, they first cropped up last Friday. PayPal thought it was under control over the weekend, but the Monday rush suggested otherwise. For some e-commerce providers who rely on PayPal, it could be devastating. Either way, it’s a reminder of how fragile the internet can be.

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Comments on “PayPal Having Technical Difficulties”

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1 Comment
Mark Gisleson (user link) says:

Online credit card processing easier than ever

I won’t mention names (not sure what your policies are on promoting commercial concerns) but after years of getting bled month after month by my credit card processor, I gave up and switched to an online credit card processor.

Now, if most of my clients pay by cash or check, I only pay $10 a month instead of $40 for the slight inconvenience of keying in data online instead of running their card through a swipe machine (or, more likely, keying in the data given to me over the phone).

PayPal isn’t my cup of tea, and I’d encourage online entrepreneurs to check out online processing again. The process just keeps getting easier, and more efficient.

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