Video Game Skills Good For Trading Jobs

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It was just a couple months ago that a study said video games were good for children in that they helped promote problem solving skills (though, some of the results raised questions about the study itself). Now, some are claiming that good video gaming skills can be useful to jobs that involve trading in financial markets. The claim is that people who are used to monitoring things happening quickly on a screen and responding with their hands will be able to handle trading much better. They also seem to think that experience playing online poker helps traders learn not to get too emotional about trades (of course, it might help to find out if the players are any good at online poker first). None of the quotes in the article are backed up by any real studies. It’s just people saying it as if it must be true. It might be more interesting to see if there’s any real difference in traders who have gaming experience and those that don’t.

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Comments on “Video Game Skills Good For Trading Jobs”

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Steve Mueller (user link) says:

Re: IQ

If working the trading floor is just being the first to respond when a price falls within a specified range, quick reaction time may well be all that’s needed.

I suspect you’re thinking of financial analysis, not just trading. However, even in that case, IQ will only take you so far. Research and education are just as necessary. The highest IQ won’t help a bit if the person doesn’t understand financial markets.

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