Spamford Wallace Now Spyford Wallace?

from the so-much-for-reformed dept

Sanford Wallace became famous in the 90s as the original “spam king,” repeatedly appearing publicly to justify his spamming ways. After getting kicked off of many providers, he even tried to set up his own ISP for spammers. He eventually moved on to the pop-up business. After that didn’t work out, he claimed that he was “reformed” from that type of business, and was getting into the nightclub business instead. However, the lure of shady online advertising businesses may have proven too strong. The FTC is now going after him for selling an anti-spyware program that actually puts spyware on your computer. Wallace claims its legitimate because the various anti-spyware bills haven’t become law yet. While that last part is true, there are plenty of other laws which it sounds like he’s violating (which also suggests that perhaps we don’t need specific anti-spyware legislation as existing laws can do something).

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