Music Label Promoting A Lack Of Copy Protection

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While Sony is in the process of reconsidering their stance on copy protection for music CDs, one independent label has decided that their own lack of copy protection is a differentiator, and they’re going to use it to promote themselves. They’re now actively labeling CDs to say that the CD has no copy protection. Basically, it’s a recognition that, these days, “no copy protection” is a feature that customers want. While this may sound good, it’s really representative of the low expectations the industry has set among customers that this should even be needed. Most CDs have always been “no copy protection included,” and it’s only since major labels starting mucking around, with no useful benefit to end users, that this is suddenly necessary.

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Comments on “Music Label Promoting A Lack Of Copy Protection”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

How would you do it?

If you’re a record company who has started putting copy protection on some audio CDs, and you get a lot of flack and see that your customers really don’t want that, so you change your mind and stop selling protected CDs…

How do you let the public know which CDs are “safe” for them to buy?

What would you do to let the public know?

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