Driver Who Runs Red Light While Watching Video Game Complains

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No one takes responsibility for their own actions any more. A guy (whose father runs a driving school, of all things) is upset that he lost his license for a year, has to pay a small fine and has to do community service after he ran a red light while watching a video game demo on a screen installed on his dash. First off, a video game demo? At least most people caught watching video while driving are watching TV or a DVD. A video game demo? People actually watch those things? While driving? But, more importantly, why the hell is this guy complaining? He didn’t get punished that badly and he ran a red light. He’s now complaining that it’s more difficult for him to do his job. Well, maybe he shouldn’t have been watching a video game demo on his dashboard and running red lights.

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Comments on “Driver Who Runs Red Light While Watching Video Game Complains”

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thecaptain says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Mr. Mike,


In most situations the people who spend time telling other people to get a life are more in need of a life themselves 😉

Geez, get a grip. Dorpus is a troll, at times he’s entertaining, never quite relevant, but never at a loss for words (I think he buys them at a discount outlet somewhere)

And me? I’m killing a few minutes with my morning coffee.

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