Would You Take A Pay Cut To Have Better Internet Access?

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There have been plenty of studies suggesting that frequent internet users experience some basic withdrawal symptoms when kept away from connectivity for a while, but is it worth taking a pay cut? A new study (third item down) suggests that 14% of executives would take a pay cut to have better mobile internet access. The study also notes that problems with access were the third most stressful aspect of business travel (flight delays took the top spot) and that mobile workers wasted a grand total of 24 hours a year trying to find/set up internet access.

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Comments on “Would You Take A Pay Cut To Have Better Internet Access?”

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1 Comment
TJ says:

Overpaid apparently

Anyone who would take a cut in pay for better connectivity on the job must be overpaid to begin with. Suggesting such a thing is nuts. Now some pointy haired boss will have the bright idea to offer his workers better connectivity in exchange for a cut in pay. Of course the offer will be made to the working class, not the executives.

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