Did Anti-Spam Laywers Exploit The System?

from the ah,-settlement-fees dept

While it’s now been preempted by the federal CAN SPAM law, Utah was one state that had its own anti-spam law for a while, and some are now saying that a couple of lawyers exploited the law to make plenty of money on their own. The law firm started sending out threatening letters to small business, many of whom claimed they had legitimately sent emails. The legal-grams included an offer to “settle” for $6,500, and many companies figured that was cheaper than traveling to Utah to defend themselves. And on whose behalf were these threatening letters sent? Apparently many of them were people who worked at the law firm itself. So, while stopping spammers is a noble goal, it sounds like this firm may have gone too far in some cases — though, the article would be much better if it presented a bit more evidence.

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