Add Zigbee To The List Of Innovation Killing Standards Squabbles?

While just about every wireless standard has been going through issues, from UWB to RFID to WiFi to WiMax, the folks working on Zigbee had done an amazing job keeping their internal squabbles under wraps — which, in part, helped promote the belief that everything was going (relatively) smoothly. However, a new report suggests that the same kind of ridiculous proprietary non-standard “pre-standard” equipment is about to show up in the Zigbee world, leading to a potentially splintered market (and plenty of consumer confusion). There isn’t that much to go on in the article to suggest this is really true, and, so far, most talk about Zigbee suggested these issues wouldn’t be that bad, so we’re confident that Zigbee won’t fall into the same trap as others — though, we’ll keep an eye on it.

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