Is Jeftel A Spamming Front?

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Earlier this week, we wrote about a new offering from a company named Jeftel for what they claimed to be a P2P mail system that would let individuals send encrypted email directly from PC to PC, without having copies cached on mail servers. The company claimed that this would somehow wipe out spam, though the fine print clearly shows that’s only the case if people only used the Jeftel product. In the post, I was a bit skeptical of the claims, but was at least open to the idea that some people might want it. In the comments, however, people started writing slightly odd replies, absolutely praising Jeftel as if it were the answer to all spam problems… something that made no sense. The responses read (as someone else suggested) like people for the company trying to hype it up. A different article on the subject mentioned that the company itself was backed by a mysterious millionaire. Now, we’ve received an anonymous submission from someone who admits they are a “disgruntled ex-employee” of the company — but points to a lot of evidence that, rather than being a company trying to get rid of spam, Jeftel might be a front for a spam operation. I have no idea if the claims are true — but if you follow the leads submitted by whoever this person is, they do raise some questions. In going through the links, there are a few things that could not be easily verified. However, everything that was checkable did agree — with one exception: the addresses of the two companies do not appear to match exactly. One is listed at 10 Sweet Street, and the other at 11. Also, the fact that this is anonymously submitted, without a way to contact the writer (despite his own suggestions to contact him twice) makes me suspicious as well. Either way, there’s enough evidence presented, that it seems worth putting the information out there to see if anyone can provide more background to prove or disprove the allegations. We have not been able to verify enough of the information to stand behind this allegation, but are presenting it so that hopefully others can look into this more thoroughly. You can read the full submission after the jump.

Submitted anonymously:


There has been a lot of talk about a new company called Jeftel. They are not the only ones. It appears that there are a lot of computer related websites referring to this new company owned by a mystery millionaire.

Hopefully, this will shed some light on who the millionaire is and why they wanted it to be kept a secret.

This article claims to be about a company which has developed a system to stop spamming but is in fact owned by the same person who owns one of the countries biggest spammers which has duped a number of British businesses. The people who sign up to these email addresses from Jeftel will then open themselves up to receive spam email from this other company. Please bear with me as I show you the obvious links between these 2 companies and then show you why we know that WWT is a known spammer which has been listed as a spammer at various points by all spamming agencies are has previously had their ISP service terminated for spamming by Pipex. I should point out that I am a disgruntled ex-employee which is why I know all of the company?s secrets but all of the above is true and hopefully the contacts I have listed will help you get the information you need. It really is pretty simple to verify all of this information. If anything needs clarification, let me know via email. (Editor's Note: Despite this point, the submitter did not leave an email address which is a reason to be skeptical.)

Take a quick look at the guardian link above and they look at The thing to note first is that the terms and conditions of Jeftel states:

"3.3 The User by accepting these terms and conditions grants permission for the Company to utilise the processor and bandwidth of the User's computer for the limited purpose of facilitating communication between others within the Jefcom Community."

The above clause basically gives Jeftel the right to send spam to whoever has signed up to the service and given the history of their sister company will undoubtedly do so. This is despite the fact that Jeftel is advertising that it will stop spam and The Guardian article appears to be endorsing this view. In short, it basically means that you are effectively paying 25 pounds and giving your permission to be spammed.

The company referred to in the Guardian advert is Jeftel (Company registration number 04760795) which is owned by Jeffrey C Morris who is also the owner of a company called WWT Media (03839629).

There are a number of other similarities between the two companies. The article refers to Robert Barr as "Robert Barr, head of development at Jeftel". Companies House records show him as having been a director of WWT. (Editor's note: We could not find this info at the Companies House website, but a Google search, does, indeed, suggest that Robert Barr has been, a director of WWT).

Appointed: 13/01/2000
Nationality: BRITISH
Date of Birth: 20/03/1959
Company Appointments: 54

If you check out the whois on the domain name you will see that the registrant address is 10 Sweet Street, Leeds which is the same address as WWT and you will see that Andrew Bland is the administrative contact. Andrew Bland is also a director of WWT


  hakay limited
  10 sweet street
  ls11 9db

Domain name:

  Created on: 2004-02-10
  Expires on: 2006-02-10

Administrative contact:
  andrew bland
  10 sweet street

  ls11 9db

If you look at the user agreement on you will see their registered office as 10 Sweet Street.

It should also be noted that both of the properties (the two listed at companies house) are in fact owned by Jeffrey Morris.

In February of this year, Pipex terminated the service of WWT for spamming. They are currently being offered ISP service by Kingston Communications whose Chairman is an old friend of Jeffrey Morris. They were both directors of a company called Minor Planey where Jeffrey Morris was the CEO and David Abrahams is still Chairman.

Over the past few years, WWT Media, previously known as have told clients and prospective clients that they have a list of people who have opted in to receive advertisements via email i.e. not spam. However, their list is primarily a list of names they got hold of from the internet and using call centres.

Here are some details of companies who have been duped:

Holdtime ? speak to John Sutton
Richard MacNee ? PHVC
Andrew Wright ? Transforce

I have contact details for these and other people if needed. (Editor's Note: Again, no contact info was given by this submitter, so there is no way to contact the submitter).

If you view google groups and do searches on worldwidetender or worldwidesalesoffice, you will see details of their spams and see details on some other companies they have duped. They claim to be working for British Telecom, Mercedes and Jaguar but this isn't true.

These client is listed above have received multiple complaints from people moaning about receiving spam. They complained to WWT but WWT had the contract written in such a way that nobody could take them to court for this. .

In addition, by sending unsolicited bulk emails, the client has broken the terms and conditions of their ISP. However, until last year, their ISP was First Net (owned by Minor Planet at the time and Jeffrey Morris was a Director and his friend David Abrahams was the Chief Executive). Pipex bought First Net and promptly got rid of them for spamming in February. However, WWT have since been given safe haven to continue spamming by another ISP known as Kingston Communications. David Abrahams is Chairman there too. Abrahams is actually risking the ability of Kingston to operate as an ISP. Kingston Communications is a listed company whose primary shareholder is Hull City Council (and so ultimately the people of Hull). Kingston Telecommunications do have what are termed as netblocks for this company meaning they are being watched for spamming. (Editor's Note: We have not been able to verify any of this)

Kingston's AUP for their customers is as follows as detailed on their website. This is being broken by WWT.

  • You must not use Kingston Communications email system to send unsolicited emails, bulk or otherwise.
  • You should only send bulk email where the receiver has "opted in" and has the option to "opt out" at any time or it is legitimate advertising material for your own products or services, and the addresses have been obtained in the course of a sale, and that the receiver has not opted out or raised an objection to this.
  • Kingston Communications requires all customers who wish to send emails that consist of exactly the same content to more than 100 users, to contact us first to agree an appropriate schedule and to confirm in writing this activity complies with EU legislation and Kingston Acceptable Use Policy.
This company (WWT Media) has also been the subject of a number of spamming agencies such as Spamhaus ( SPEWS ( and Spamcop ( They appear to have escaped Spamhaus at the moment. You can even view records of their spamming on various sites such as Google Groups.

-------------- End of Submission

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Comments on “Is Jeftel A Spamming Front?”

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Jeeves says:

Re: jeftel

There are two pretty good answers to those rather bland statements:
1)Charging makes this thing look almost like a credible and robust product, and given that there are plenty of people running businesses out there who aren’t net-savvy, they might just fall for it, especially if it was backed up by relentless off-line cold-calling and a sales force trained in the right buzzwords.
2)Those T&Cs ‘banning’ spam actually define spam as “unsolicited email which is sent repetitively (more than five times in a period of 30 days or more)”. So you could receive receive unsolicited email, but it isn’t “Spam” if it doesn’t violate this definition. The terms do state that no user can send more than 200 emails a day without express permission of Jeftel, but I’m sure that WWT as an entirely seperate entity, only sharing the same owner, would get short shrift from Jeftel should it ever dream of making such a request.

Jeffrey Morri says:

Re: jeftel

Yeah right!!

Jeffrey Morris the mysterious millionaire who owns both WWT Media and Jeftel, contracted out the collection of email addresses to call centres in India.

The script which was given to the call centres to follow was complete garbage and had the call centres promising that only ever one email would be sent to the recipients involved. This is where the supposed database of ‘opt-in’ contacts comes from – the recipients (or their receptionists in most cases) were duped into giving out their email addresses.

Jef gave the database manager (who now works for jeftel and is featured on their website as a Data Analyst) a target of 1 Million email addresses and the brief that he didn’t care how he got them. The call centres were farming email addresses and using other methods

ex employee says:

Re: jeftel

Yeah right!!

Jeffrey Morris the mysterious millionaire who owns both WWT Media and Jeftel, contracted out the collection of email addresses to call centres in India.

The script which was given to the call centres to follow was complete garbage and had the call centres promising that only ever one email would be sent to the recipients involved. This is where the supposed database of ‘opt-in’ contacts comes from – the recipients (or their receptionists in most cases) were duped into giving out their email addresses.

Jef gave the database manager (who now works for jeftel and is featured on their website as a Data Analyst) a target of 1 Million email addresses and the brief that he didn’t care how he got them. The call centres were farming email addresses and using other methods to acheive this target.

I really hope that people aren’t duped into signing up with Jeftel – you can almost guarantee that the email addresses gathered from Jeftels signup process will end up on WWT’s databases.

Sign up at your own risk!!!

Jeeves says:

Re: Re: jeftel

ROTFLMAO! A spammer who launches an anti-spam solution, then chooses to market it by spamming. Looks like they were witless enough to try it on a few other forums too. A genius launch strategy, truly inspired. These guys claim to be a tech company, and they spammed IT-specialist forums with obvious fluff, and from their own connection?? Don’t think this is quite the ‘buzz’ their marketing masterminds were after. Just a thought here, but maybe Jefftel are ‘straight up’, I’m not sure a genuine spammer would be THAT inept.

Andrew Martin says:

Re: Re: Re: jeftel

I am investigating the activities relating to Jeftel/WWT as part of litigation proceedings. I would be interested in speaking to any of the following:

– anyone from AOL or any other group or ISP that has ever blocked WWT or its affiliates

– any company who has ever used WWT Media for email marketing services

– anyone who has received unsolicited bulk email from WWT Media or its affiliates

Please reply to

Lizzy says:

Re: Re: Re:2 jeftel

We were approached by WWT selling their E Mail marketing services. The gentlemen came to visit it us last week and gave us a professional presentation. All seemed genuine with their explanation that they have people constantly calling all these companies and getting permission to send E Mails offering products. The technical side of being able to follow live the result of the E Mail send out was fascinating.

However once we started investigating the background of the company we discovered these forums about Jeftel and WWT and the spamming and the Asian Call centres…..pretty shocking how companies can misrepresent themselves so well.

Brian McGrath (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re:3 jeftel

I had a visit today from a representative of WWT who gave me the same information as Lizzy Templer describes above. I decided to do a bit of background work into this company and found a few forums where the comments on this company were very forthright. I pasted some of the comments I had found into an e mail and sent it to the sales rep for his comments. His e mail address at WWT was blocked and the e mail undeliverable….You will not be surprised to note we will not be pursuing our original enquiry.
Brian McGrath
GBM Solutions Ltd.

Del boy says:

Re: Re: Re: jeftel - ex employee

do beleive it they’re idiots!! a bunch of yes men bowing down to a pompous millionaire. by all accounts after seeing the way he works i’m surprised he’s got where he’s got to. his new venture is Amteus ( secure instant messaging and emails) which would be a good product if it actually worked without the help of a whole IT department trying to get audio out of your Voip handset!!

jane says:

Re: jeftel

Jeftel has now been rebranded as Amteus. As the sales man said to me … We have rebranded because this was a much nicer name.

The moment you register the amteus software you start receiving spam emails from WWT Media, which I was never made aware of. I only had to wait 6 hours before I received the first one.

When you start to install the software it asks you to make sure your outlook or outlook express is not open…with no explanation. If you read the terms and agreement of the use of the software It leaves the end user totally liable for every eventuallity, including financial liability if your computer infects their server with a virus. The T&C obviously leaves no liability for Amteus.

This company cannot be trusted and I would recommend that no one uses their services. It is definately a front for spamming…I’ve proved it. Try it out yourself…. if you dare.

AndyB says:

Re: Jeftel rebrand as Amteus ?

So Jeftel has become Amteus? There’s a first, I’ve never heard of a company being rebranded 8 months after launch because they’d thought of a ‘nicer’ name. It does sound less ‘ego trip’ish but bad luck picking a name that is a few characters removed from ‘Amateurs’. Better luck next time, lads.

Over the last few years I’ve had to put up a constant campaign of cold calling from numerous businesses connected with Mr Morris, be it Minor Planet, WWT / Worldwide Tender, and now Jeftel / Amteus. From this rebrand, maybe Jeffrey Morris is thinking his name might be a liability, couldn’t help but notice that even Minor Planet are distancing themselves from their ‘Morris Years’ here.

somebody who watches all says:

Re: Re: WWTmedia rebranded as The Media Buzz.

As an addition to all the comments above just though I would let you know what I have learned about WWTmedia. They have decided to change their name to The Media Buzz.

Also they have a habit of claiming customers they don’t have. When they say we have customers like………..If you check you will find it is not true.

Oh and the going rate for a e-mail campaign is ?0.40 per e-mail. Based on 10,000 emails. A very lucrative profit

Somebody who watches all says:

Re: jeftel - WWTmedia rebranded to The Media Buzz

As an addition to all the comments above just though I would let you know what I have learned about WWTmedia. They have decided to change their name to The Media Buzz.
Also they have a habit of claiming customers they don’t have. When they say we have customers like………..If you check you will find it is not true.
Oh and the going rate for a e-mail campaign is ?0.40 per e-mail. Based on 10,000 emails. A very lucrative profit

a student says:

Re: Re: jeftel - WWTmedia rebranded to The Media Buzz

i worked for wwt media in leeds, and was considerign reporting them to somewhere and just happened upon this site whislt scouring the interweb. I was one of the ‘cold callers’, we’d ring up businesses and ‘check’ their email addresses, basically tricking them into giving out as many email addresses as possible. the way the system worked was that they’d send out what was called a confirmation email which, when opened, would auto subscribe them to a mailign lsit so they’d receive up to 5 emails a day from companies usign WWT for advertising.
I hated this job, and it made me feel like any soul i had left was crawlign otu of my left ear so all i coudl do to try and make up for it is offer to take people off the mailing lists, i nearly got sacked for this obviously… but the worst bit was when peopel themselves asked to be taken off the list I’d give the name and details to a supervisor who would tell me off, and also we sat next to the people who were responsible for takign the names off of the system. there was a queue of about 10000.
oh yeah, and i met jeffrey morris once i think, and the rest of the directors all look like ex cons.

btw, i was actually promoted from beign a temp because i was gettign the most email addresses, but quit soon after being told what ‘really goes on’ with the recipients of the emails.

fun days.
hope soem of this has been of interest to someone.

paul says:

Re: Re: jeftel - WWTmedia rebranded to The Media Buzz

I own a small business and in my first year I was duped by a fellow Leeds company known as WWT. They led me to believe that using them for email marketing would lead to a vast increase in sales as their database was made up from people who would be interested in my products. Somewhat naively I believed them only to realize very quickly it was a big mistake. I asked them from one Leeds Company to another, from a big company to a small one, if they could please terminate the campaign as no one was interested at all. I even offered a few thousand pounds, which I couldn’t really offrd to get out of it. They response was a contract was a contract and they had an unbreakable one. After consulting a solicitor at further cost to myself I realized there was nothing at all to be done. They cost my business ?13 – 14.000. For a business with no financial backing this was a real blow and one I have been trying to overcome ever since. It has had major effects on my ability to develop my business.
My advice is to stay away from this company –
Whatever its current name is.

the same student says:

Re: Re: Re: jeftel - WWTmedia rebranded to The Media Buzz

I apologise if i had anything to do with this, they’re a pretty dodgy set up to be honest, i knwo they keep rebranding and jeffrey morris has his chubby money grabbign fingers in a lot of dodgy pies, especially around the leeds area – there’s a minorplanet/jeftel office aroudn the corner from my house. they know what they’re doing and they WILL screw you over, stay clear of anything to do with jeffrey morris is my advice

sterling global employee says:

Re: Re: Re:2 jeftel - WWTmedia rebranded to The Media Buzz

I worked for a call center in Manila whose job it was to gather these email addresses. We were told by a obnoxious guy called Charles who worked for WWT Media/ Media Buzz and also Jeftel to not tell people who we were and to act as though we knew the people. If they wouldnt give us the email address, we would ask for the website. Once we knew that, we guessed the email address and asked if that was right. Once we had the right format such as we would find the names of the other senior people and they would all be on the list. How is this “opt-in”? I also remember that they changed their practice so that we stopped calling sole-traders when the law about spamming came in. Basically, they knew they were spammers and were always trying to by-pass the law. Don’t use them. It’s a waste of money.

Seamus says:

The Media Buzz

Slightly contradictory to what is said to all your comments, I have used WWT/Tmb for a year now and with very good success and shall continue to do so.

My company targets directors of other companies and this is the ideal (and now proven) way to get fast responses.

I think people forget that marketing is marketing, nothing is guaranteed! The weather can change response levels!

Duped says:


I don’t know about all their illegal business activities, but I do know that my ex tried to get out of paying his childrens’s maintenance after telling me that the company (Jeftel) closed down. I heard from him a year later and lo and behold he now works for Amteus – same telephone numbers and addresses.

Seems some of the employees are as immoral as the owners

fredbloggs says:


I was interviewed for a development job at Amteus in summer ’05 and the moment I stepped into the building it felt ‘weird’.

The product did less than a VPN and was entirely proprietary; apart from secure VoIP I couldn’t see any merit in the IM/Mail/filesharing aspects of it.

The development team seemed to consist of one manager and three techies (two of whom apparently disappeared a week or so after my interview) and I kept getting calls back from my agent about how they were on the verge of securing a several million dollar contract from something to do with the US Gov’t – errrr, the chances of the US Gob’t using crypto software developed overseas….? 😉

Things dragged on for a couple of months – the tech director wanted to make me an offer (quite a good one, at the time), but they were ‘waiting to secure funding’ — Perhaps fortunately afer most of the development team disappeared (I notice the tech director isn’t the guy who interviewed me) my agent called and said they’d frozen recruitment — seems that these days they’re only hiring cold-callers.

The guy in charge of development was a bright bloke with a few good ideas; I’m not sure how rigidly compartmentalised the Morris organisation was – I doubt the techies were directly involved in spamming, but there were other Morris companies in the building…

An old old employee says:

It is not a spam house but it is not not a spam house, it is somewhere in between, though it does not run buy the rules. Any company doing business with them does so in the best intentions, it is just a shame that the marketing to promote the said company is indeed, 85% spam, though those who are on the list are on by the most loosest of legal lines between spam and not spam.

I was a long term employee I left the comp well over 2 years ago now, but it was in a desperate shape then, so who knows what depths it will sink too. J Morris is basically an idiot who was lucky once (by backing a good minded businessman) , now he is just what he is…. a clueless fool pumping cash into bad ways to make money…and even doing that badly! Last time I talked to some of the people that still worked their he was doing voip, but still the solution was as poor as ever. Anyway…I came by this page trying to look up some old friends so I shall continue my hunt. J Morris if you read this I would just like to say that you are a total ass and this is why you always fail! you and blind to the fake friends that use or hang on around you just for a wage…..

Anon says:

not directly a technical issue I know ..but perhaps indicative of the company ….I am have been awaiting payment of an invoice from Amteus for five months now. The employees are good guys but one of them actually told me ( in confidence ) on the phone that the only way for me to get payment was to take them to court. He implied that it was basically’Jeffrey’s’ policy not to sign off payment on anything ….

IQ says:


I used to work for the company and WTF i’m shocked 2 see this but always knew hence why I googled jeff. Couldn’t understand how they were collecting so much data if they have only 20+ data collectors in-house. So obviously it is all being done in India or elsewhere. I had heard about Minor Planet but not Jeftel the site that I used 2 send sample emails from campaigns that we have done for so called companies in the past was still down as World Wide Tender!! I actually had a complaint call from a company saying that you are sending emails 2 our company 3 times a day with the subject line saying “New employee in your office” and it turned out 2 be and email about office vending machines!!!

In training Andy Nicholson actually said: “we have clever tech geeks that are able to get through spam filters etc by wording on the subject line” and at that moment I thought 2 myself well how is that “opt in” and “uk’s largest privately owned opt in membership database” that we were told to say in our script ohh and the last pile of bollocks I learned before leaving was……. We are founders of the DMA (direct marketing association) “founders” so dont that mean we make the rules????????????????

Staff were getting sacked left right and centre hence why I left so soon. I only ever seen jeff a few times but heard him more shouting out of his office at someone

Terry Taylor says:

WWT Media is now called The Media Buzz and if you look at their website you will see it’s now cleverly worded. Take a look at and you’ll see that it talks about their process for collecting data but at no point mentions getting permission to email people (hence it’s just bulk spam). I spoke to the call centre in The Philippines who used to collect their email addresses. They weren’t paid and took them to court. Jeffrey Morris then did a counterclaim which was a load of bullshit but actually incriminated themselves. What Morris didn’t realise was that 20 current and former employees had given the Philippines call centre details of how the WWT scam worked and that if they didn’t pay up, they would expose them. Jeffrey Morris paid up….

Anonymous Coward says:


What a bunch of complete idiots run the media buzz and amteus. Jeffrey Morris is a clueless plonker who landed on his feet by chance and now runs two failing companies. He makes rash decisions without giving any consideration to how the office are going to back the idea and make it work. We were told to ‘do whatever it takes to get a sale’. We were told to sell email marketing over 12 months for £750 pm – the contract was worth £9000. We were assured that a ‘leasing company’ was in place who would pay the media buzz in full for the contract and we would then get a tasty bonus upto 10% – a lot of money. They also told me it wasn’t spamming.

What they failed to tell us was that that the 12 month interest free credit was subject to credit status and if the company failed credit they had to pay upto 6 months payments in advance. They also did not tell us that there isn’t a ‘cooling off’ period so if the customer cannot pay make the 6 payments in advance they cannot cancel. To get out of the contract the customer has pay a ridiculous amount of money and in some cases they are suing the clients for the full contract amount! I also found out that they lied to the leasing companies about the product so the leasing companies Genesis and Syscap are suing Jeffrey for all the money they have paid out.

They hoodwink new sales staff to hoodwink poor business people. It’s a complete scam. They have regular sales staff meetings in one of the Andy Booth actually tried to motivate us by telling us that if we didn’t get any sales he would have to send his spanking new sports car back. Well I don’t know about anyone else but that didn’t motivate me. Another director Vicky Roberts also drives around in her new Range Rover and the Jeffreys kids in their expense cars. How do they sleep at night.

They have no idea how to manage people and they are just greedy for money getting what they can out the staff and people they con into signing up to their services.

Check the contract there are no guarantees. They buy data and send out an email that says from now on you will receive marketing material and if you don’t want it you have to reply to the email. People have not opted in. They just haven’t opted out. Its not really the same thing is it.

Don’t do business with these crooks and see other blogs on this site for jeftel which was the previous name of the company.

Anon says:


I worked for the Media Buzz up until 3 weeks ago, and I can tell you that they are the most crooked company I’ve ever come across. Put short, they made 10 people redundant without warning because they have run out of cash (they sacked one the day before for questioning the accounts department). They changed the pay date of employees without notice, they wouldn’t even buy water to fill the water fountain! I was one of those sacked, and I am still waiting on over £1300 wages that they owe me.

But, in terms of being sleazy with customers; the opt out on the e-mails doesn’t actually work, it just takes your e-mail address out of the loop for around 3 months, they promise clients that they will get (example) 30,000 e-mail addresses for them and actually get around 10,000, they lie about methods of collection (they even told one prospective client that we run night shifts – who makes calls to other UK numbers during the night to get their e-mail addresses?!), and the most common line used is “we’d just like to take your e-mail address so we can send you an updated newsletter from Jaguar/Porsche/BT etc.”.

If anybody questions their morals, the reply is “we’ve only ever lost one court case and that was only because we turned up on the wrong date”!!! Crooks AND they know it.

Jeff Russell says:

I’m not sure they only lost 1 court case. They lost a case to a Philippines call centre who were collecting their email addresses. The Media Buzz’s counterclaim was that the email addresses they collected were spam. How can the email addresses be spam? They only become spam when you send them. When the Philippines company pointed out that they knew how their scam worked and that they had over 20 current and former employees who would testify that the company knew they were defrauding people, they paid up their outstanding debts before going to court.

If you look at the media buzz’s website, they now make no mention of being “opt-in” email addresses. Their sales guys say it in person though but they’ve been told not to write it down.

Anonymous Coward says:

Well where to start with these people… they’ve been conning cutomers and staff alike for a long time now. The sad thing is that the ideas for the products were always sound but the people in charge are not only imcompetent but dangerous. They’ve recently gotten rid of a hell of a lot of their staff and continue to over promise and deliver nothing.

The chairman is currently attempting to raise money from the city for his Amteus “I’m Jack” product which promises to revolutionise that way schools, parents and pupils communicate with each other within a safe environment. Again, a sound idea in principal. However, the same people are in charge of this “I/m Jack” offering as were in charge of WorldWideTender, WWT Media, The Media Buzz and Amteus with the same idiots running it, developing it, supposedly delivering it. They’re definitely trying to sell it but with no success.

Undoubtedly the same problems will occur. Stay clear of The Media Buzz and Im Jack (Amteus) or whatever they want to call it.

Dodgy People says:

What they also did was another swindle. They had 2 companies running. They dissolved the one company so that everyone who was suing them couldnt claim their money. The second company is still going but used the old company names so they could still sue the people who they claimed owed them money. Both used the name “The Media Buzz Limited” and both used WWT Media Limited except the one company put spaces between the W & The T. Absolute scammers from start to finish…check out companies house for these details.

Name & Registered Office:
LS11 9DB
Company No. 05357491

Status: Dissolved 14/11/2006
Date of Incorporation: 08/02/2005

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Company Type: Private Limited Company
Nature of Business (SIC(03)):
None Supplied
Accounting Reference Date: 28/02
Last Accounts Made Up To: (NO ACCOUNTS FILED)
Next Accounts Due:
Last Return Made Up To:
Next Return Due:
Previous Names:
Date of change Previous Name
Branch Details
There are no branches associated with this company.
Oversea Company Info
There are no Oversea Details associated with this company.

Name & Registered Office:
Company No. 03839629

Status: Active
Date of Incorporation: 10/09/1999

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Company Type: Private Limited Company
Nature of Business (SIC(03)):
7240 – Data base activities
Accounting Reference Date: 30/09
Last Accounts Made Up To: 30/09/2006 (FULL)
Next Accounts Due: 30/07/2008 OVERDUE
Last Return Made Up To: 31/08/2008
Next Return Due: 28/09/2009
Last Members List: 31/08/2008
Previous Names:
Date of change Previous Name
15/06/2004 W W T (MEDIA) LIMITED

Another stunned ex employee says:

Jeffrey resigns

Looks like he’s put another two stooges in the hot seat while he sidles off into the shadows again.
I wonder where the ?750,000 that was allegedly raised in December has gone. I imagine that it’s not too far out of his clutch!

As another former employee, I agree with most of the previous criticism. Smoke and Mirrors, flash cars, hangers on with low IQs, little substance and a product that never worked.

I feel sorry for all the small firms and one man bands that Jeff never pays. He would scream and shout and not sign cheques on a weekly basis- terrible.

To the new CEO and his mate. Look around fast. Go with your gut instinct and get out.

Paul Daniels says:

So it's finally ended...

I just hope that the employees get paid. I really feel for them. Jeff has spent the last 6 months at least plowing The Media Buzz gains into his Wamey, Amteus, I’m Jack, set of solutions. He’s giving it away for free to get schools nicely tied in.

I just hope that the schools realise who he is, what he’s about and why he’s “giving away” products.

Potential buyers beware…

The riddler says:


Do not, I repeat DO NOT deal with Wamey, Amteus, Im Jack, The Media Buzz or even the new Double Wamey. What a set of absolute idiots run this/these companies! Double Wamey is a rebranded version of what The Media Buzz offered i.e marketing via email to an unresponsive database and getting NO RESULTS! Stay clear of Jeffrey and his stupid scam companies, they clearly have no money and have rebranded to avoid all of the company debts!

The informer says:

Re: Re:

Sorry about previous post guys, typing error. Anyway, Jeffrey Morris is at it again. He has re-branded ImJack Plc and is calling it ‘Kwercus’ Could it be that yet agin people have discovered that he is involved. For those of you who don’t know what i’m going on about, let me tell you. This man has re-named the same company/product several times. To the best of my knowledge it started life as jeftel, then amteus, then imjack, and now he is calling it Kwercus. Whats amazing is that he has got this prof tanya byrom involved. Tanya, do you know what you are getting involved with?

Informed insider says:

Kwercus has Prof Tanya Byron on Payroll, why else would she advertise this rubbish?

If you go through recent Amteus/IMJack (now Kwercus) announcements, you’ll see that Prof Byron is on the payroll. That’s why she’s putting her weight behind this marketing campaign. Not simply professional interest in the welfare of youngsters, but taking more of Mr Jeffrey Morris’ money.

If you know anyone in a school, tell them about this. They are a slick looking company with good marketing, but behind the scenes it’s another story. Look at the Facebook group for ex-employees of The Media Buzz (sister company and formerly co-located).

If you know a school governer, teacher or member of the PTA, please warn them about Kwercus and don’t just believe them because they paid Prof Byron to use her name.

Read the rest of this forum and dig a bit deeper into the other businesses that Morris runs.

backhander police says:

He is at it again

Yes, you are probably right. Rumour has it that man Morris together with his henchmen have re-branded yet again. I have to agree that after three years of unsuccessfully trying to give it away to schools FREE that it seems at least a little strange all of a sudden that the gov’t are endorsing it.
If this deal went through I have a feeling it would possibly lead to a ministerial casualty and one never knows – possible prosecution.
I hear that someone is speaking to the financial press about it and im sure will put pay to this individual, Morris, once and for all.
As the saying goes, If you are no good at something then people tend to compensate for their inefficiencies in other ways – suffice to say Morris is no businessman. I will leave it to you to guess how he compensates for it.
Morris should do what he knows best…………………………..NOTHING!!!!!

backhander police says:

He is at it again

Yes, you are probably right. Rumour has it that man Morris together with his henchmen have re-branded yet again. I have to agree that after three years of unsuccessfully trying to give it away to schools FREE that it seems at least a little strange all of a sudden that the gov’t are endorsing it.
If this deal went through I have a feeling it would possibly lead to a ministerial casualty and one never knows – possible prosecution.
I hear that someone is speaking to the financial press about it and im sure will put pay to this individual, Morris, once and for all.
As the saying goes, If you are no good at something then people tend to compensate for their inefficiencies in other ways – suffice to say Morris is no businessman. I will leave it to you to guess how he compensates for it.
Morris should do what he knows best…………………………..NOTHING!!!!!

The informer says:

Re: He is at it again

Yes, I ‘ve also read today on another site that the financial press are very interested in what Morris is up to. I also read that a letter is being sent to Ed Balls regarding Morris, making sure he is aware of his past and his business practices along with a mention of tanya byrom’s agency being on his books. Jeff Morris has to realise that you can’t go around screwing people and expect to get away with it, and those people that have been screwed will always be there to remind him. I’m sure once tanya realises what she has got her self involved with, she will be waving’ good old jeff tatar’, as i am sure how ever much she is being payed, it will not be worth ruining her career for. Having said that, when you read todays announcement, it is unlikley imjack/amteus/kwercus or whatever he is calling it today will be around in the new year.

lie detector says:


Looks to me as if this spammer Morris has leveraged a relationship who in turn has made a statement of intent and that they will try and raise money on the back of intent – NOTE….NO COMMITMENT
As I understand it and i have it on good authority that they are just using this meaningless statement to try and pull the wool over prospective investors eyes.

barry geary says:

i worked for DOUBLE WAMEY for the first 3 weeks of trading
what a joke
Andy Booth was the sales manager and he hasn’t got a clue, to be fair he’s just intimidated by Morris or realises he couldn’t work anywhere else.
Jeffrey Morris is clearly a stupid lttle dick who bullies his workforce via his ridiculous plastic gangster staff.
He even had some daft old soldier(who should know better) telling people he was his bodyguard!
stay away from anything to do with these people.
Oh and Jeffrey, be careful. with a pacemaker you don’t need a fright……….

IM not Jack says:

Looks like it's finally gone pear shaped...

Anyone for a Cardigan Lane street party? someone should start a group on Facebook…..



11/01/2010 7:45am



At the request of the company trading on AIM for the under-mentioned securities has been temporarily suspended from 11/01/2010 7:45am pending clarification of the company’s financial position.

Morons says:

IM Jack Double Wamey Scammers

I worked for a company which did work for WWT Media as they were then. They didn’t pay us and when started digging around, we discovered how their opt-in email scam works. All of their employees there were so pissed off with Morris that a load of them showed them how their scam worked. We got their client list and sure enough, they’d all been scammed by Morris and his sidekick Andrew Bland. We sued them and they got their lawyers to do what they thought was an intimidating response to our claim. Little did they know, their counterclaim only served to highlight some details of their scam that we hadn’t even thought about. When we explained to them that we knew how their scam worked, our lawyer wrote them a letter explaining what we knew. Within weeks, they paid us out of court. Morris is a bully but not as smart as he thinks he is. I’m surprised he hasn’t been in prison for his fraud. I know he got into a bit of bother with some insider trading a few years back in The US but seems to have managed to frighten the British authorities with his overpriced lawyers. And by the way Morris, thanks for your cash. You actually overpaid us in the end. We all had a nice weekend away in Rome on your overpayment.

Wilkis says:


I left double wamey 2 weeks ago and that sham of a company have left me in the shit! I worked for them for over 3 weeks until they decided they were going to take our basic off us, however they clearly stated with numerous witnesses that we would receive payment for the 3 and a half weeks….I’m still waiting for the check and in the process of going through the county courts to get it….What a set of selfish bastards is all I have to say.

the unchosen one says:

my name is adam gould son of doctor gould in leeds.
I get bollocked by jeffery everyday. He makes me feel stupid, maybe because i am?? I get paid 30k a year to get slapped about like a whore by jeffery. Who only looks after his own ‘jewish’ workers. the rest treated like shite.

Jeffery Morris has young people around him, they are so so fooled by his ‘brainwashing’ ways!! tels them anything to make them sell..many people are educated but caught in a ‘dream’ that he will make them rich. Hahah what a joke!!

The guy who runs wamey now is Dennis Carr, who owns a bar in manchester. Complete conman, check him out on google, inside track. He tries to get into your head like the demon headmaster, but he is just a working class plasterer who earned a few quid scammin people in property. Jeffery Morris what a wanker, scammer. Dennis is gettin a dose of his own medicine by jeffery..where is your workforce? left because dennis is a conman

x-employee says:

I have worked for Jeffrey on and off for 13 years. Let me tell you one thing, and that is he is generous and honest person. I can assure you that he has no intentions WHATSOEVER of not paying any of his employees, in fact quite the contrary. They might have got rid of you because you were employed to do a job and you have proved yourselves to be totally incapable of doing what you were supposed to have done. It could be suggested that people like you no doubt rely on the state and tax payers to keep you, and are not capable of a decent days work. I am glad they sacked you. And as a matter of interest what has religion got to do with anything, I am not jewish and Jeffrey has always looked after me and many other non-jewish staff, you ignorant turd!!

Another X Enployee says:


As another former employee I have to say that the opportunities and rewards Mr Morris has offered to all the staff within his various businesses over the last 25 years is unrivalled. I worked for him for a significant period of time and always found him to be driven and motivated and a man who took immense personal delight when seeing his employees performing and being rewarded accordingly, irrespective of their religious beliefs.
Had Mr Morris not wished to have supported his staff i am sure (in fact i am certain) that there are times he could have walked away from numerous ventures, taken the money, and closed the business leaving himself with immense personal wealth.
What i would say to the people moaning is the following: Remember who has paid you for the last, week, month, year or even decade (depending on your length of service) and remember where the money came from.
There are two types of people. The ones that melt in times of adversity and the ones that stand firm and support their business as if it was a family member. My advice would be to stand firm because one thing i can assure you – Morris will be at the top of that tree very very soon and those that treated the business like family will find themselves on a cumfy platform very close to the top of the tree if not at the top with him.
For those of you who opt to take wages AND then spout slanderous lies on this forum – you will be found out in time.

IM Smelling a Rat called Jack says:

Come on Jeffrey, you can do better than this

It’s very strange that this verrry long running thread has just been taken over with a couple of huge irrelevant passages from books and even Tom Jones, followed by some fawning, toadying from a couple of JCM insiders. Please give the rest of us some credit. (oh and try to spell things a little better too)

Perhaps it’s the winding up of MinorPlanet this week- a company that did well, til Jeffrey stripped it of it’s wealth- so he’s going to be in the news again.

His dodgy scams must come to an end, as must his exploitation of suppliers and employees alike

Bill Wilson says:

Re: About time people understood the truth

Firstly I cannot believe what I am reading in some of these posts. Jeffrey is a man that took me out of a difficult situation, presented with an opportunity at Minorplanet in 1995 and can honestly say he looked after me in a way i have never otherwise experienced from a boss. Of course i was doing my bit in regard to working hard and achieving great results. Jeffrey and I eventually (and amicably) parted company but in such a way as that, if he ever needed me all he would have to do is pick up the phone.

I think we all know the type of people posting on here – parasitical failures. People that just assumed that all you needed was “to be in it to win it”. What they quickly established upon being given an opportunity was that they were required to produce results to earn the better money – and they did not like that one little bit. But just to clarify, when I was there these type of people we given chance after chance after chance prior to departing.

As for Minorplanet. I think if you look back (prior to spouting off like one of the failures I mentioned earlier) that MP was a hugely successful business under the direction of Jeffrey and it was only when he decided to leave that the business began floundering. That said, any business / structure would struggle if the foundations were removed.

I will never forget asking Jeffrey when the shares reached £10.12 why he didn’t just take his money and run. His answer is testament to the guy he is. He said “Billy, how could I leave this beast now? Look at all the people that are relying on me – what would happen to them? Lets carry on with our only focus on being making the business, and the people involved within it more successful”.

I will remember those couple of sentences forever.


How Stupid Do You Think We Are says:

The Post Above

The person above claiming to be a friend of Jeffrey’s is an absolute moron. We are not talking about people who took a chance that didn’t work out….we’re not talking about businesses who tried something but it wasn’t a success. We are talking about Jeffrey Morris who has systematically cheated and lied throughout his entire business career. Someone who lied to all of the clients of WWT about having an opt-in email service. Someone who changes the names of his companies and then sets up new companies in the old names to try to chase debts and not pay his own. Someone who repeatedly broken insider trading laws. Someone who lied to the city to get more investment for Amteus or whatever it is called. jeffrey morris should be in prison for the crimes he has committed and the businesses he has screwed over. Unfortunately, he has escaped justice by hiring well-paid lawyers. One day, he will screw over a family man who can’t feed his children because of Morris’s actions and I hate to think what the consequences will be.

Wilkinson (profile) says:

Keep going my friend and if you ever need anything you know where i am.....

YES jeffrey… somewhere far far away where nobody can find your sad little scheming self. I’m not being funny, but if your going to make up a story… at least use a believable name for christ sake… Billy!

And as for the whole people being spiteful because they just aren’t successful enough is absolute bollox. I graduated with a degree and was offered “The dream,” by jeffrey and his ‘trusty’ side kick dennis. .. Who wouldn’t be chuffed with a 15k salary!

As mentioned previously, I worked there for 3 and a half weeks before they turned around and announced in front of a room full of employees, that our basic wage was being withdrawn as of the following week, however all employees would be paid in full for the hours worked already.

Needless to say this “parasitical failure” got herself a new job within a large corporation that same week! and the product is actually worth buying!

I have emails from double wamey offering me less than half of what I’m actually owed : (They wanted me to bend over and say yes)

I accept the cheque for £500 in full and final settlement of services provided to Wamey Ltd upto the end of March ’10.

I am aware that I am liable to pay my own tax and NI


So…….. County Court it is then

Dirk Manly says:

As another former employee I have to say that the opportunities and rewards Mr Morris has offered to all the staff within his various businesses over the last 25 years is unrivalled. I worked for him for a significant period of time and always found him to be driven and motivated and a man who took immense personal delight when seeing his employees performing and being rewarded accordingly, irrespective of their religious beliefs.

Had Mr Morris not wished to have supported his staff i am sure (in fact i am certain) that there are times he could have walked away from numerous ventures, taken the money, and closed the business leaving himself with immense personal wealth.

What i would say to the people moaning is the following: Remember who has paid you for the last, week, month, year or even decade (depending on your length of service) and remember where the money came from.

There are two types of people. The ones that melt in times of adversity and the ones that stand firm and support their business as if it was a family member. My advice would be to stand firm because one thing i can assure you – Morris will be at the top of that tree very very soon and those that treated the business like family will find themselves on a cumfy platform very close to the top of the tree if not at the top with him.

For those of you who opt to take wages AND then spout slanderous lies on this forum – you will be found out in time.

Dirk Manly says:


As another former employee I have to say that the opportunities and rewards Mr Morris has offered to all the staff within his various businesses over the last 25 years is unrivalled. I worked for him for a significant period of time and always found him to be driven and motivated and a man who took immense personal delight when seeing his employees performing and being rewarded accordingly, irrespective of their religious beliefs.

Had Mr Morris not wished to have supported his staff i am sure (in fact i am certain) that there are times he could have walked away from numerous ventures, taken the money, and closed the business leaving himself with immense personal wealth.

What i would say to the people moaning is the following: Remember who has paid you for the last, week, month, year or even decade (depending on your length of service) and remember where the money came from.

There are two types of people. The ones that melt in times of adversity and the ones that stand firm and support their business as if it was a family member. My advice would be to stand firm because one thing i can assure you – Morris will be at the top of that tree very very soon and those that treated the business like family will find themselves on a cumfy platform very close to the top of the tree if not at the top with him.

For those of you who opt to take wages AND then spout slanderous lies on this forum – you will be found out in time.

JeffShell (of a proper company) says:

Morris must be desperate

Has anyone noticed that the majority of comments on here are extremely anti-Morris and all his various companies? Then, there is the odd passage of bible text etc, presumably to fill the post and put people off reading and finally as post 77 above (identical to Post 73) some repetitive positive spin about what a great bloke Jeffrey is.
It’s shocking that he’s so rubbish that he still thinks people believe his utter BS.

As an aside, there was a report of an event which one of his siblings attended in London for the well to do Jewish fraternity. 1000 people attended and raised a grand total of £3000 for charity! wow very generous- they probably spent more on parking than that.

Also worth checking are the annual graphs on any of the share trading sites. hilarious negative graphs show how much Jeffteus IMpap is wasting on his behind the curve rubbish- long may it last, til he’s on the dole and abandoned by even Mr Dirk Manley (see above)..

good luck to those still trying to get paid by him.

IMTanya says:

back in business

i see that IMJ is back on AIM and that Jeffrey Morris is back as Interim Chief Exec. wonder if he’s paid all those employees that were asking for the pay they had earned?

They say that there is a deal with SSAT, which is surprising and they even have 7 orders! not bad for 3.5m loss last year!!

It would be interesting to know if they actually have a deal and if SSAT have had the wool pulled by this old school spammer, with a string of failed ventures and dodgy deals behind him.

Don’t buy IMJack. Ask why Tanya Byron has parted company with this firm.

check out the blurb in this thread that’s not just more babbling spam.

don’t trust morris or his henchmen.

have a nice day y’all.


Danny (profile) says:

Piece of work

Mike, you might want to delete the religious and Tom jones spamming from the thread. The pro-Morris comments, while likely placed as part of a campaign seem legit in that they are on topic.

While I have no idea whether Mr Morris is Jewish ( and don’t care), I can see why one partisan would call him a shyster. He really is a piece of work. And it was nice of him to start the ball rolling again so that a whole new generation can learn about him and his evolving company names.

Please keep us posted as to how this turns out.

Morris the liar says:

Morris has been at his usual tricks again. From a friend of mine who still works there has reported the following to me:
At the end of October, he sacked 40 people on the last day so he could get away without paying them, and they are still to get paid. For the rest, the low earners got paid late, and the others have not been paid at all. He is also sacking staff again this week prior to pay day. He is claiming he has some a deal with the government and is running round like a desperate man to raise MORE money. From what my friend tells me, he has a gambler whose name is something like Brad who deals with all the shit, and just lies to everyone. All the staff that got sacked have joined together and are causing lots and lots of problems for the little fat greedy man morris. I know they have been to the press and the tv, and having him investigated. watch this space, coz the fatty lady is about to start to sing.

One of the good fellows says:

Re: Morris the liar

Yeah, I see it.
Your friend, obviously you had pre warned him what to exspect?Still had a go. Didn’t he? Wanted to crack the nut, and so he should, ok so he failed. Big deal, tell him it’s a long race, sometimes you can run from the back all the way, then all of a sudden the bunch weakens and you begin to make your move. Listen, I’m going to tell you something.
Keep busy, I know it’s hard, but this is nothing I’ve seen this all before. Chatting to one of my deals from a few years ago ( relationship ) over a glass or two of full boddied red wine last night. He’s doing well, pleased so he is, grinned at me, loaning me his holiday appartment next year for some time in the sun. See? Easy.

Let’s hear it for the big hitters.

Another one / just recruited. says:

Re: Re: Morris the liar

Hey how you doin’ ?
Got your message checking out the site, you wanted me to put some thing in ~ oh, such stories to tell! You’re cool, this I know, these idiots can’t sell? won’t sell. Just interested in their basic, no vision nothing driving crapped out cars mortgages
/ kids ~ nightmare land and now they’ve got together in a gang? Jeffrey should be worried. NOT! Oh long days ( and nights ) makin’ deals / doin’ the right thing. Drinkin’ wine, smokin’ cubans’ I luved it, can’t wait to be reunited and see what you’ve got cookin’
You told me something, pal them up make it work, I remember I did it I’m not doin bad, got the pals, heard a few stories about you, buzz me.

Good man Jeffrey.

one of the many says:

Re: Re: Re: Morris the crook

I think the last few comments on here must be written by morris’s kids and the other few hangers on that are still involved in his failing company. i hear there may be up to ten of them.

lets face it you could count on one hand the people that really like him and it would take a long time to list the people that deetest the lieing crook.

gone is all your money mr thief, i mean jefery, and i look forward to reading about your business going to the wall.

karma is a great thing

one of the many says:

Re: Re: Re: Morris the crook

I think the last few comments on here must be written by morris’s kids and the other few hangers on that are still involved in his failing company. i hear there may be up to ten of them.

lets face it you could count on one hand the people that really like him and it would take a long time to list the people that deetest the lieing crook.

gone is all your money mr thief, i mean jefery, and i look forward to reading about your business going to the wall.

karma is a great thing

Anonymous Coward says:

The Media Buzz.


Just just been looking round to see whats happened to Mr Morris. I was chatting to a pal of mine over champers the other evening, he told me to check this out….
Just like the chap that says the job seemed like a good deal ( not sure how he gets on with spelling like that )
I too am an ex employee of Mr Morris.
I agree, it’s a good job, also good product, good times to be had. I had a nice little Golf to drive around in fuel paid for, always got paid. Nice food in my exspanding waistline, went to work in fancy suits.
All my customers seemed very happy, making money hand over fist. You see they have to have a good product for this to work. The trick is to find the right customer.
In short, good man Mr Morris I too think this is a cool lot.

I trust Jeffrey and his pals are keeping well.

how you would like to be. says:

A few good fellows chatting about Jeffrey

Ok, I confess.
How come a sudden surge of nitwits have started praising Mr Morris? I’m still in touch with a few of my old pals, we all did ok in one way or another.We still work together now, learned some thing so we did.There is of course a common factor here, most of the above bitter people are greedy. Jeffrey knows your greed, you’ve been stumbling around in the dark for years, look stick with your dreams. Don’t be week roll with the punches, you can’t sell thats why you don’t work for Jeffrey any more and thats why your’e probably unemployed. Boothy used to say get a grip, well get one.Oh, if you are bored enougth to be reading this Jeffrey my mole tells me things are on the up, well done.What I saw was good products selling, doing well and still are from the back lash. Earned myself a few cases, a few how do you do’s from my time in the Media Buzz, nice.
Made a few new friends. Do you see how to do it? Easy,
Let me tell you something, walk at a moderate pace always shake hands. Nice, grin at your customer keep all entrances and exits clean, you will do well.

Lets hear it for Jeffrey.

Current employee says:

I am really concerned as i still work for Jeffrey at ImJack but am worried about the immediate future of the business. The company has no funds,and could not afford to buy toilet rolls or soap for the men’s toilets. I know he managed to cobble together some money to pay some of the wages this month, but still hasn’t paid some of the senior tech guys the other half of Octobers salary. From what I am told, they have been asking Jeffrey’s aids (Sasha and Bradley) for updates, but they are just telling untruths. What is really upsetting everyone is that his kids (Joshua and Leah) who are employed through the business are still dressed in their fancy designer clothes, driving nice cars, using expensive Apple computers and iPads whilst everyone else is not being paid what is due, especially some of my ex colleagues that were sacked in October as Sasha never had the funds to pay them their salary – very unfair. They have now been told to deal directly with Bradley Jacobs who we all know to be the most deceitful person you could ever meet, just behind JM, but all Jacobs is doing is lying like he is doing to all the Company’s suppliers who are not being paid. Jeffrey, as a member of your staff, all we ask you to do is to stop your disgusting lies and be honest to people otherwise you will be left with nothing or nobody except those who sponge of you like Sasha, Bradley, Rako and Chaplin.

Mr Reliable says:

This is great stuff ‘Morris the Crook and ‘One of his victims’. I am so happy to see that Morris is not being allowed to forget what he has done, and to see this site and all the many others that are talking about it so lively is great stuff guys. In a message to everyone who he has stuffed, keep all the good work up and we will beat this piece of dirt. As we all know Jeff Morris gets his kids and marketing boy to write on this as well as reading this site himself, I send you a message jeffrey morris – tic toc, tic toc, tic toc. The clock is ticking down and i CANNOT wait to see your demise caused by your greed. By the way Jeff are you still driving your big flash mercedes or did I see you in a little golf the other day? Loooolllll





Here at Techdirt, unfortunately, we get an average of about one legal threat per month. The threats are almost always frivolous — and often made in anger without the individual realizing why the threats are frivolous. While some sites take the position that they will publish any and all legal threats, we have always tried to give the threatening party the benefit of the doubt, and to recognize that they made their demands in a moment of excess anger and misunderstanding. As such, we generally explain our position as to why any legal action would be a mistake — and in nearly every case, we never hear back from the person who threatened us.

However, we have recently received a legal threat that we feel deserves attention and airing for a variety of reasons.

Unlike most threats, this one came directly from lawyers representing the individual, rather than from the individual directly.
The threats are quite incredible, demanding that we shut down the entire site of Techdirt, due to a comment (or, potentially, comments) that the client did not like.
The lawyer fails to identify, other than a single snippet and a date, what post or specific comments are objectionable and why (beyond a suggestion of anti-semitism, which while despicable, is not illegal). I guess, since they are demanding we shut down the entire site or be sued, such details are not considered pertinent.
As we detail on this site on a somewhat regular basis, sites like ours are protected by Section 230 of the CDA from libel charges against statements made by users of the site. So any legal action against us is entirely pointless.
Most importantly, this threat is coming from the UK, and the lawyers insist that they will take it to court in the UK. This makes it rather timely and newsworthy for an entirely different reason. Just a few weeks ago we wrote about the new SPEECH Act that was passed into law to protect against libel tourism. As the Congressional record shows, the law was specifically designed to protect US businesses from libel judgments that violate Section 230 — and the bill’s backers explicitly call out libel judgments made in the UK. In other words, the SPEECH Act explicitly protects us from exactly the sort of threat that these lawyers and their client are making against us:
The purpose of this provision is to ensure that libel tourists do not attempt to chill speech by suing a third-party interactive computer service, rather than the actual author of the offending statement.

In such circumstances, the service provider would likely take down the allegedly offending material rather than face a lawsuit. Providing immunity removes this unhealthy incentive to take down material under improper pressure.
Separate from the Section 230 defenses, we are also protected due to a lack of personal jurisdiction, which, again, is supported by the recently passed SPEECH Act. It is entirely possible that the lawyers were unaware of the SPEECH Act, but it does seem like a law firm making legal threats in a foreign country should be expected to have researched the legal barriers to making such a claim before using billable hours to make threats they cannot back up.
Finally, it’s important to note that a part of the SPEECH Act allows sites protected under this law to seek attorneys’ fees should they be targeted in such a lawsuit. Rest assured that we would explore the option to the fullest, if need be.
Separately, I will note that on the same day that I received the legal threat letter from this law firm of Addlestone Keane, I also received an email from someone claiming to be both a regular Techdirt reader and a friend of the client, Jeffrey Morris, saying that he was contacting me to ask if I could, out of the kindness of my heart, remove the comments that are bothering Mr. Morris. Of course, the paper threat letter sent by Mr. Morris’ lawyers was sent five days prior to this email from Mr. Morris’ friend. Our policy at Techdirt is that we do not remove comments on such requests, other than comments that we judge to be spam, so we would not have removed the comments, anyway. However, it is odd that Mr. Morris would first have his lawyers pull out the “nuclear option” and demand that we shut down our entire site, and then days later have a friend reach out to make a personal plea.

As such, given the newsworthy nature of an example of where the brand new law (thankfully) protects us, as well as the fact that we do not feel it is decent or right for anyone to demand we shut down our entire site or be sued halfway around the world, because he does not appreciate a comment someone made about him, we are publishing the letter that was sent to us. Thanks in part to the new law, we have no obligation to respond to Mr. Morris, his friend or the lawyers at Addlestone Keane, who (one would hope) will better advise their clients not to pursue such fruitless legal threats in the future. Should Mr. Morris and his solicitors decide that they wish to proceed with such a pointless and wasteful lawsuit against us, which will only serve to cost Mr. Morris significant legal sums with no hope of recovery, we will continue to report on it, safe in the knowledge that it has no bearing on us. The only potential issue I could foresee would be that any UK judgment against us could prevent me from traveling to the UK in the future, which would be unfortunate, as I have quite enjoyed past visits to the UK. But perhaps such ridiculous outcomes will help the UK realize that it’s really about time to update its incredibly outdated libel laws and begin respecting free speech rights.

A nearly Former Employee says:


I cannot ignore the above comment. Jeffrey is a good guy who simply cannot afford to pay us at the moment. He has lost all his money in IMJack and is admirable that he has held on to his kids and a few other staff during the final stages of IMJack life.

I wish this business could last forever but all good things do come to an end and this one is nearing that phase.

The Clampetts are not even going on their ?100K+ holiday this winter which in itself shows how hard times are for them.

We all admire you Jeffrey and see you as an icon.

Next time you want to waste ?10M+ i suggest you find a worthy charity.

See you in the dole queue soon

The Tech Wizz says:


I remember being in the office when Bradley (his partner) told him what was going on with this letter to the yanks. The fat t**t’s head nearly exploded with the news. It really was great to see. He tried frantically to get hold of the solicitor. When he realized he couldn’t lie to the solicitor, he wheeled out good old Michael abraham to deal with it and call techdirt. As a matter of interest, does anyone think we should also protest outside abrahams office in london to try to get our money?

You can only run for so long!! says:

naughty naughty naughty jeff morris, you have been a silly little lump!! the best christmas present santa can bring me and my family is the news that the little fat lump is loosing everything. just out of interest is it true he sent his awful spoilt daughter to london to keep her out of the way as she was rubbing everyone up the wrong way in all her designer rags? if so, lets all club together to pay her bus fair home when the silly little fat lump cannot pay for the petrol to fill up her sports car thats probably being paid off over 10 years! Keep up the good work guys and don’t get down hearted – BELIEVE. PEACE!!

nadineleeper (profile) says:

A few good fellows chatting about Jeffrey

one im actually employed
two whats that got to do with not paying people illegal i think so.,
three your praising a criminal must mean your one yourself.
Cant wait to see u and whoever assoicated with this vile little man behind bars. My sister a criminal lawyer will bring you down oh cant wait to christmas to she brings u all down

IMJack Protest says:

Upcoming Protest

Nadine, I still have your contact details and will let you know when the protest will be. To get max impact we are trying to get anyone he has not paid over the last few years and there are many. So far we are up to 35 people. We will also get the press and notify the police as Morris surrounds himself with “security guards” who get paid for doing nothing. The protest will be peaceful and will take place outside his office and will then move on to his house. All we want is our money and to show everyone what this man is all about. We will not allow any threatening or disruptive behaviour.

I don’t want to give my name on here but I worked with you in telesales. Your back faced my back.

Protester says:

Guys, I have all the placards under control. I wonder if the little fat man will hide away whilst all this is going on or will he face up to his responsibilities and come out and speak to us and the press! Or maybe, he will send that little fat liar Bradley out to tell more lies, or could even send the 65 year minder out to stand on parade like a sad wannabe security guard! Lets see what happens, and as the previous post said, lets keep the protest peaceful. Good look everyone and keep focused!!

On the lookout says:

Went to get my car washed this morning in sheepscar and I’m sure Jeff Morris was working there vacuuming the cars. He suited his bright yellow coat. Next time Jeffrey can you please make sure you vacuum down the side of my seats properly or I will have to report you to your boss. Tut tut tut Jeffrey Morris. How does it feel to be pennyless Jeffrey like all those hard working people you sacked on pay day and never paid,you pathetic individual. Remember Jeffrey Morris what goes round comes round and we will all be there watching and laughing at you and you’re spoilt children . You will not get away with what you have done to all those people, we will make sure you don’t profit by 1p from your actions. Merry Christmas Jeffrey Morris and a very very happy new year – NOT!!

Ex Minorplanet says:

Isn’t life funny, and i will tell you why! I worked for Jeffrey Morris at Minorplanet between 2001 – 2003 as a salesman. He used to make all the sales staff come to a sales meeting on a Sunday morning. He insisted we were are all to be in the office for 9am, he would turn up at 11am. I like many others traveled up from the south, and had to leave my wife and kids on a Sunday morning at 5am to be there on time. The reason I mention this is because I can’t but help but have a little laugh to myself especially at this time of the year. Jeffrey Morris used to sing to the salesman who had had a poor week ‘we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new career’. In other words if you have another poor week, you are fired. So my message to Jeffrey Morris is: Jeffrey, life has a habit of coming back to bite people on their arses, and maybe this is now what is now happening to you. You embarrassed and humiliated hard working lads and maybe, just maybe this is life just paying you back, and like me, I am sure there are plenty guys the length and breadth of the country having a good little laugh to themselves, and are hopefully raising a glass to your downfall. And a message to all his innocent victims, keep your heads held high as one thing is for sure, how ever much trouble you are in because of this man, he is in much more trouble. Oh and by the way Jeffrey you’re breath stunk!!

Another Ex Minorplanet says:

That last post was great but the breath was inaccurate. It was actually his areas that stank only unlike most people Morris’s arse is on his head. I remember all that shit that went on an Minorplanet. He is a sick man with nothing left in his life. We will all move on but that failure will still be telling everyone he is going to be bigger than Microsoft.
How repulsive were those Sunday meetings? My family are a little younger so were not affected by those Sunday morning Morris shows but I feel so sorry for those people who missed out on spending precious time with their young kids, and there were many of them.
I hear he has a son that now works with him who is marginally thicker than him so it’s little wonder he is all but finished.
If he is so protective of his family he ought to respect the families of others.
It’s all too late now, the man is finished, and I only hope he reads these posts and sees what he really stood for. I bet he doesn’t walk around Harrogate anymore like he owns the place.
Anyway, please forward a link to these posts to anyone you may still be in touch with that worked at Minorplanet and let’s give them some enjoyment too.
And here is the new song to the tune we should all sing:

Where’s your money gone
Where’s your money gone
Where’s your money gone
Far far away

Love and peace to you all during this festive season.


On the lookout says:

Went to get my car washed this morning in sheepscar and I’m sure Jeff Morris was working there vacuuming the cars. He suited his bright yellow coat. Next time Jeffrey can you please make sure you vacuum down the side of my seats properly or I will have to report you to your boss. Tut tut tut Jeffrey Morris. How does it feel to be pennyless Jeffrey like all those hard working people you sacked on pay day and never paid,you pathetic individual. Remember Jeffrey Morris what goes round comes round and we will all be there watching and laughing at you and you’re spoilt children . You will not get away with what you have done to all those people, we will make sure you don’t profit by 1p from your actions. Merry Christmas Jeffrey Morris and a very very happy new year – NOT!!

A week to go says:

Does this monster owe you money?

Just to let you know that if anyone is still owed money there will be an email address posted on here tomorrow that will allow you to email and be put on the record.
We will then monitor the situation closely and should any debts be outstanding in two weeks then various phone numbers will be publicised.


On the lookout says:

Went to get my car washed this morning in sheepscar and I’m sure Jeff Morris was working there vacuuming the cars. He suited his bright yellow coat. Next time Jeffrey can you please make sure you vacuum down the side of my seats properly or I will have to report you to your boss. Tut tut tut Jeffrey Morris. How does it feel to be pennyless Jeffrey like all those hard working people you sacked on pay day and never paid,you pathetic individual. Remember Jeffrey Morris what goes round comes round and we will all be there watching and laughing at you and you’re spoilt children . You will not get away with what you have done to all those people, we will make sure you don’t profit by 1p from your actions. Merry Christmas Jeffrey Morris and a very very happy new year – NOT!!

Ex employee says:

Where is my money?

Jefrey Morris,

I don’t agree with all the posts on here coz I think it nawty to kick a helpless fatty when he’s on the floor but I can make an exeption for you u prick.

It’s coming up to Christmas and you have my money for the month I worked and you keep fobbing me off.

Will you be hungry this Christmas and unable to buy the presents you want for close ones


Ex Media Buzz says:

He's at it again

I can see from the last few posts that Morris has been at it again. When will this selfish person learn that he is not the only person in this world.

I feel really sorry for his latest victims given the closeness to Christmas and all I can say is for you to all stick together and fight him. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

May the force be with you and let’s see this cheat toppled for good.

Father Christmas says:

Advent Calendar

The Morris advent calendar has been reduced in all retailers since Information about his imminent bankruptcy surfaced. It was originally expected he would close the doors for the last time sometime in January but rumours are rife he will now do it on 23rd or 24th December and not pay any of his staff, a trademark Morris trick.

Get yours today from any good public toilet.

The Blue says:

GREAT NEWS!! He is closing down. He released more people on Tuesday and is now running it with just a few hanger onners. My inside source has just told me, he is making arrangements to close the doors for the last time just before Christmas eve. I have also been told that his stupid brother in law is the joke of the place. Sorry to all those still owed money.

Good fellow says:

What if?

What if Jeffey’s management had done a better job of recruiting salesmen that could actually sell?
Those that could did well and brought money in. Those that couldn’t, but said they could, just sat with their mouths open. They need’d ridding and quickly, damage management.
What if when you went out in your cars supplied by Jeffrey you actually got appointments, deals? Gonna see the guys tonight, stroll, talk, have a cuban you know the drill.
Oh mistakes were made, a nats ear from the millionaires club
thats how the days were.
Look, let me tell you some thing I know a handfull of other companies selling the same product, Manchester based, good salesmen, selling it so they are, see? See it? Got it? Get it?
I know, I know, theres a way.

Heres to the zero’s to hero’s.

Ex Employee says:

Good fellow

Who actually are you (Good fellow) because your post makes no sense. Just to confirm you haven’t a clue what ur talking about you mention other companies selling the same product. What a complete idiot you are as the IMJack product is developed in-house and has NO resellers.

You know you know theres a way of what? Selling sand to the Arabs?

loving It says:


For all those of you that want to kick this fellow when he is down I feel you should stop and think for a minute. You have all obviously worked for him in the past and most of you will have been paid.
It seems like Morris is now on his last legs and suffering like a whale out of water. I am not able to take any pleasure from this so i have setup the following website to raise some money for him.

Please try and give what you can in this, the season of giving and forgiving, and lets try and provide this twerp with enough manure over Christmas so he doesn’t go hungry.

Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas

One of the Good fellows. says:

Re 148 Good fellow / Ex employee.

Hello, Ex employee.
Yeah I know, developd in house. Look, been all over the country selling,Lots of same product out there, different shirt, that’s all. Met them, spoke to them, lunched with them. In house? So what?
Stumbled on them once or twice ( not good ) better product knowledge than the Leeds crew. So this could lead me to asking the following, how many salesmen / women actually understood / understand the product?
Chapter one.
You need a new front door, lets in draft, cracked glass. Makes your house look bad. So you find a tradesman. Got a lot of exsperience? Yeah, fitted dozens, oh, ok. What sort of wood will it be? not sure govna, have to ask the guys back at the depot. Oh. What about the handles etc? I think they might be brass, or maybe silver. were will the leter box be, you’re the tradseman right/ yeah, not sure actually.
Chapter two.
You foolishly allow him to fit the door, with out knowing if it’s going to do the job. Not only is it a crap fit, its a crap job nothing like it says on the box.
Pay him would you? shake his hand would you? His boss gonna be pleased with him? Is he? Pay him? Would he? Give him a shiny new van to pratt around in, would he? Should he?
To the current employees, learn, learn, learn and don’t and don’t go out into the big bad world until you know your stuff. Make you own app’s, let them know you’re coming to sell to them. Sit down with them, find out what they do, what they need, their client base, customers pocket, product value, this is key, for them and you.Don’t get that stupid lap top out, make sure they have something worth working with. Some things just don’t sell, it’s no good to them.

Yeah, the sand would be bought.

Quick, make haste.

The truth hurts says:

Jeffrey Morris, I hope you have eaten well this week and been able to put food on your table for your family. I haven’t had that luxury this week. So Jeffrey Morris, when you are sat in your mansion eating cheese and biscuits and sipping fine wines, give yourself a pat on the back and congratulate yourself for your fine work. You are a real credit to your family, I am sure they are so proud of you, that’s if you’ve had the guts to tell them what you have done.

The bearer of bad news! says:

I am sorry to have to tell all those who never got paid, that Jeffrey Morris is closing the business down. My friend who is close to the inner circle tells me that preparations are being made for this to happen just before Christmas. Jeffrey Morris, is just in the process of getting all he can out of the business. I know the likelihood is that we will never get what the crook owes us, but at least his spoilt fat daughter will be getting you know what this weekend!! As a matter of interest, does anyone know if his son is still spending all our money on the other stuff? Jeffrey, once a crook always a crook but this time you will find there is nowhere left to hide!

Good fellow says:

Re Ex Employee.


I knew of only a hand full of people, amongst the dozens that passed through the doors who could actually sell, they didn’t know what they were selling. They said they could sell, they couldn’t, it was embarrassing. I’m not slating them, no, not at all. They couldn’t sell, wrong job, telesales appointments with product value of a few quid, no good. Rep’s sitting these crazy app’s, no good.
Doesn’t anyone see it? Didn’t anyone notice?
Rep’s spending all day driving to one appointment, crazy cottage buisness appointment’s.

I know they could see it.

Here to help says:

Wave goodbly to the failure

Mr Bearer of bad news,
You have this wrong. Jeffrey Morris has spent ???m on IMjack and its about to go to the wall and be classified as a complete failure because of him.he can’t run a business that takes and makes money. The man is a loser and his business is a gonner.
I think you are right that he will not last into the new year and this will be a great Christmas present for me but upsetting for the ones who he sacked without pay.
If my information is accurate all his friends have gone and he is left like a rabbit in the headlights with only his thick c**t of a brother in law to turn to. and he is fuckin thick (more brains in a twix) The funny thing is that they hate eachother.
Lets just all hope that not only will the fat thick failure lose everything but hopefully he will get investigated too.

Id hate to see him in nick!!!

Insider says:

My Inside View

I was told about this listing and had a look. I am not surprised about what I’m reading. Having known him for 30yrs + I don’t want to be pushed on my own opinions or that of some of his family because I still speak to some of them. Whoever is writing these can be happy to know that him, his family and his whole community are reading them. Everyone is telling everyone.I am also told that Jeffrey Morris will spend every last penny to keep this business going and that he is rapidly running out of money. He has borrowed against everything he has and only has one property left that has any equity left in it. It seems like hen will probably not be trading in 2011 because he will run out of money. I’m sorry to tell you all this but you should know because knowing can help you.
I hope he can’t find out who I am. I am doing this annonimously but I have not said anything that is not the truth.

Ex Employee says:

Morris the Retard

Have woken up to the great news this morning that the thick and retarded Morris is now on his last legs. The shares have been suspended BECAUSE HE HAS NO MONEY AND CANT AFFORD TO PAY HIS BILLS.
It will be interesting to see what happens next week when it comes to pay-day but word on the street is that he will promise wages on the first working day after the first round of bank holidays and wont be seen again. I think a sign will go on the front door of that cesspit (any suggestions what the sign may say?) and that snake Morris will go into hiding.
Just shows what a loser that Morris is and what a sad deceitful life he leads

Ex Employee says:


I like the last post because i for one will we toasting this great news tonight. I agree that the snake is a failure and its now all but proven. He has never succeeded at anything apart from lies, deception and, possible (yet to be proven) recurring fraud.
All the people he has screwed and belittled will now be looking at this pathetic failure and quietly laughing whilst he stands in the bitter cold selling counterfeit tat on Briggate from a portable shack. How f*****g funny will that be?
Facts do not lie and for all those that have been released from his sick clutches due to this failure you should count yourselves lucky.

No longer will he be referred to as a “millionaire from Leeds” or “an anonymous Yorkshire millionaire” or indeed a successful entrepeneur, oh no, those days are gone. His legacy will simply be made up of four words:


How sad! says:

I cannot help but remind myself about the times I used to supply Jeff Morris with products for one of his other failed businesses. He nearly drove my business into the ground. Not only did he not pay his bills for months, he used to lie about the quality of our work. This I believe from the business community here in Leeds was and no doubt still is his trademark. I am so pleased to hear that this nasty greedy little man has failed yet again. However, what I am surprised about is, how easy he is lying down. Maybe it is because he is just getting old and washed up, and has nothing left to offer. I hope he does pack it all in after reading about all those people he has not paid wages to. There is no place in the business world Jeff Morris.

laughing my tits off says:

Toast the failure

When I worked there a few months ago Jeffrey Morris was running round saying this business will never fail and he will show all the doubters that he will NEVER fail. He is the best and IMJack would be his way of proving it to everyone.

The bookies now think the businesses will go to the wall before next friday. I can only imagine how furious that will leave people.

Will someone working there please take a picture of him. I want to see how many more wrinkles he has, how he has ballooned and the fire coming out of his ears.

Anonymous victim says:

What a joke

Today there have been more people being shown the door without being paid. I personally am going to the police and I don’t care if the company is still trading or not.
Jeffrey Morris didn’t even have the bottle to show his face today. I like many others on here detest everything he stands for.
Thanks for ruining my Christmas as I can now afford no presents nor can I afford to go to be with the rest of my family.

A very upset person says:

ive jsut been sacked by geoffrey moris. hes the most urful man you cud ever meat. he will get everything he deserves. but also he is such a cowurd as he cudnt even show his ugly fat head but insted hid and got one of his last remaining lackies to do it. meenwhile he just give a brand knew BMW sports car to someone their who is so lazy, he makes geoffrey moris luck like a hard wurker. i supose it wont really mater from nxt week as the cumpany has no money to carry on.

A Christmas Carol says:

A Christmas Carol

I could not believe my eyes this evening when I was on a side street off Oxford St in London and saw this huge guy in a father christmas costume cradling this fat c**t who was only wearing a pair of y-fronts. it was the funnyest thing I have ever seen. The big bloke put the fatty down and they started counting some coins. The fatty said to the big bloke hey Rako, we got enough for dinner tonight to which the big bloke replied we have Jeffrey but its going to have to be Kentucky again.
They both walked off into the night cursing their need to beg for a living.

Im loving this says:

not long too go

Looks like he gonna fuck everyone next week after doing his usual trick of sacking more people without pay. The right hand man is now his mentally challenged brother in law which is the proof needed that the debts have got on top of him and he is a defeated and beaten man. This mark guy is tryin to make friends with us all but he is so fucking readable it scary. The last comment about farther christmas was funny but im wondering were the brother in law was and can only think he must have been hangin around kings cross in his rent boy outfit.

Mr honest says:

Last night was the Xmas doo and probably the farewell party as there’s no way he can keep it runing. He really has lost the plot. Harrison is the most stupid man you cud ever meet, and what’s topped it all off is him giving gould a sports car. Morris, you really are clueless and don’t deserve to have a business. Don’t you realise, you have ruined this business just like all the other businneses you’ve had. Yet again you have Failed ( note the capital F).

Mr Poet says:

Poetry at its best!

Jeff the genius is no more
He has gone from rich to poor
I have heard he wants to move abroad
As they won’t know that he’s a fraud

It’s great to see him with no money
I find it so fucking funny
Hes looking fat and so very old
Hi business is closing this week so I’m told

So fuck you Morris ur a cunt
With you no one wants a punt
Ur finished so now let’s raise a glass
To Jeffrey Morris the little fat brass

Mr Angry says:


In shock says:

Good morning
I have recently been alerted to this site, and as I have known Jeff Morris for over 20 years, I truly am shocked to the core as to how he has treated people. Whilst I am aware of his generosity in times gone by, albeit with other peoples money, it does not provide him with a licence to run rough shot over people like he is doing now. One good deed does not permit a bad deed! It is clear to me and the local community here in Leeds and Harrogate that yes, Jeff has indeed failed and ran out of luck and money and is no longer a man to be respected or even considered a stalwart of the local business community. He has clearly bought shame on all those he is associated with such as Michael Abrahams and Geoff Taylor who are good good people. The only bit of advice I can give you Jeffrey is that if you have failed, and it looks like you have, do the right and proper thing and show some honesty and try not to rub people up the wrong way by not paying staff and suppliers whilst putting your daughter in a brand new black Audi TT. It really does make you look even more pathetic by trying to put a show on to people here in Harrogate, as we all know what you are about, and cannot afford it.

A lucky man says:

Continued from previous entry - sorry pressed wrong button in all the excitement!!

of staff who told me all about his recent antics and his poor business dealings. Whilst sharing a bottle of red, we reminded ourselves that it was this location where Jeffrey Morris held his salesman Xmas party. We had a good laugh at him as he really did used to abuse his power and thoroughly enjoyed humiliating us, and in fact did this to me on several occasions. So I, for one is not upset to learn about how he has failed once and for all. Jeffrey, I totally agree with the previous message that putting your daughter in a black Audi TT sports car is impressing none of the lads in Harrogate. Just own up Jeffrey, you are an out and out failure, and i don’t wish you any luck whatsoever. What go’s round has most certainly comes round!



I was friends with Jefrey and his family for many many years. i have been directed to this site by four or five different people who used to work with jeffrey at Minorplanet like I did. I have tried to hold off writing any comments on this site but couldn’t help myself. My only comment today is that i hope all of you that have been sacked with no wages and left high and dry at Christmas do make it through and in the very near future this will just be a distant memory. Through my own experience I can completely empathise with all of you. I used to class myself and my family as close friends and me a colleague to the Morris’s but even then it was made very clear that we were second best even including my children. As a final word i must also say thank you to jeffrey, i was taught one of life’s valuable lessons which was NEVER NEVER SELL YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL. My family and i have dignity, respect and friends which is unlike some people I could mention.

The last stand says:

Is it going going gone

He’s been walking round office like a bare with a sore head. All this is getting to him coz he’s saying more stupid things than normal. I just cant believe how many people are tuning into this techdirt thing. We all pissing ourselves in the office but I’m so worried I am not going to get paid this week coz I don’t think he’s got any money left. Everyone says he is out of money. Can anyone confirm? I agree seeing him all fucked up is funny but it won’t be if I don’t get paid this week – gonna put me is all sorts of bother. Fingers crossed and have a good one.

Ex employee, one of the good fellows. says:


Begining to see a pattern here, see it? Are you reading the above?
Failure? Mmmmm? I remember a conversation late one night took it in. You know, really in. Took it all in. Absorbed it. Thought about it as I drove, sold, as I ate. Stank of it, always stunk of it. Been stinking these past weeks as I’ve worked my christmas bells off. Dealing people, stench coming off me, watch glittering with every hand shake.Had a drink in Leeds the other night with some pals, stank!

New Year, soon, mmmmm? we’ll see.

Merry Christmas.

A few good men says:

season for truth

Morris been running round the office today offering us all shares but we all think it is instead of wages. He is pacing around like a skitzo and he thinks he is clever but we all know what a tosser he is. He is good and proper pennyless and we all dont think he will be in the game come new yr. Its time for him to down the tool and come clean about his finances.

AMA says:

This awful imposter boss of mine truly is a piece of work. I was in the office yesterday, panicking about if I am to get paid this week, and all Jeffrey Morris was doing was laughing with his doctors son, who works here about him going on holiday to Thailand for 4 weeks. He also just gave him a new BMW sports car and also pays for his fuel on a fuel card even though he is office based. This lad, who is harmless, truly is not needed in the business, and is just another example of how jeffrey wastes money. Jeffrey, you need to get a grip and smell the coffee! Listen to the advise it might help you.

Ex employee says:

Bye bye Jeffrey Morris

Please direct all your friends and colleagues to this site. Its now the most popular page on techdirt. As I now have a techdirt account I’m getting all sorts of fan mail. Morris is finished and once this business goes I suspect the investigations will start. If I was a betting man I’d gamble on Mr. Policeman, Mr. Fraud Investigator and Mr. Taxman all paying Morria visits. If anyone thinks they can help any of them please post on here.

Jeff says:

I don't like Morris either

The very original letter to Techdirt where it shows the links between WWT & usting we find Jeftel. At the time, we were in the process of suing WWT and the more we probed, the more disgusted we became with him and his operations. He is total scum and I’m glad I opened the debate on Morris and that years later, people are still working to expose his crooked behaviour. Abrahams should be clever than to deal with Morris.

Another ex employee says:

I don't like Morris either

In response to the previous post, I would like to thank you for starting the discussion years ago, and you can be assured that there are a lot of people working hard to expose Jeff Morris. Many agencies have been informed of his dealings, and evidence is being collected in an attempt to bring criminal proceedings against him. Should you or anyone have anything that may be of help, please let me know. There is a process in place to do this that protects peoples safety from this man. I just feel very sorry for all the people he has not paid, especially at this time of the year.

The informer says:

I can inform you all that Morris was not in the office today, he went down to London with his good old begging bowl. The office was quiet, but we still have not been told if he is paying us or not. If I get paid this week, it will be my last pay check from him (as it will be with others) as most of us will not be going back. He has been walking round this week laughing and joking, thinking he is cool, but he is such a tosser and we all find it so funny. When I do get paid, watch this space as I shall be telling ALL!

Seeker of truth and justice says:

Just facts

Could be that lump of scums last day in business. Doesnt it just show what happens when a manipulative low life runs out of money. He deserves EVERYTHING that is coming to him and a bit more. Doubt even his ring of security will deter the police and serious fraud office. As soon as the business goes down please direct everyone you know who have had dealings with him to this site and there will be clear instructions on how to proceed anonymously with parting with any information you may have.
For all of those still there, commiserations. Looks like you are going to be sent home today with a small percentage of your wages (depending on who you are) and then some of you will be invited to work for the new business in January. This man is desperate and will say anything. REMEMBER HE NEEDS TO FIND ?87,000.00 FOR THE COURT ORDER FROM STRAND HANSON LIMITED BY FRIDAY OR THEY WILL WIND HIM UP. IF THEY DON’T, OTHERS MOST CERTAINLY WILL.
For those of you looking for justice keep watching this space although you will enjoy the the confirmation of the ?11 MILLION he has wasted in this business.

Truth hurts says:

The truth

No one likes you Jeffrey Morris. Michael Abrahams and Geoff Taylor regret the day they met you and anyone who has or still does work for you can’t stand you. Everyone in Harrogate is talking about you and I’m told you or your family can’t go many places anymore coz you owe everyone money. What about all the people whose debts you paid off with IMJACK shares. I bet they love you. Everyone you meet in business thinks you are a confused market trader so it looks like you don’t have a lot going for you. Saw your x close pal in Harrogate last week and he said everyone thinks your new found fame as a failure is very very funny. Let’s face it no one likes you.

Thank the Lord says:

This is the best Christmas present I could have wished for. Thank you so so so much for this gift from heaven. To hear that the awful little man Jeffrey Morris has failed and is finished is the news we have all been waiting for. Merry merry Christmas Jeffrey Morris, I hope you have a great day and a nice holiday reminiscing over ?11 million. Hahahaha

Another ex employee says:

Whilst this is great news, we all need to draw breath before the campaign continues. As we are aware, he is forming a new business which he will run imjack through (the fourth one). During the first week of January, I will upload a list of all the SSAT / Secondary schools, and we will send a letter to every single headmaster, bringing to their attention what this new company is all about.(Volunteers required). Also, I urge you all, as I have just done is to send a letter to Michael Goves at the Department of Education, as I am sure he would not want to be embarrassed by the antics of Jeffrey Morris. I have also spoken to the SSAT and they have also asked me to send them a letter outlining what he has done. We are nearly there, just one final push and he is finished!

Mr Barclays says:

Forty three million lies and we can prove it.

Jeffrey Morris I am now with no doubt that this is the end of your disgraceful business career. The SSAT have been contacted and will continue to be contacted with reference to your allegedly fraudulent behavior until such a time that they see sense. The first part of our campaign has realised success today and we will not stop until ultimate succes is reached. Its no coincidence that no one likes you nor is it coincidence that you owe a lot of people money. April 30th is going to come in early January for you.
There are many organisations very interested in his dodgy dealings , insider trading, diverting assets from creditors not to mention the interest being shown by HMRC regarding the dealings of The Media Buzz and his methods deployed in trying to obtain whitness statements.
Merry Christmas Jeffrey Morris

Anonymous Coward says:

well if he just payed ppl wat he owes them for working for him he wdnt have all these problems would he? Its called being ethical something morris has never been maybethats why is he now down out. Its a thing called karma!! Im sure the police wd be very interested to see this threat. All this forum is ppl airing their views freedom of speech comes to mind. Why should anyone want to see him ruin more ppls lifes hire staff not pay them its a vicious circle which is gonna be stopped. Merry christmas ha

The informer says:

I had to laugh when I read the announcement yesterday where it stated ‘The Morris family will prop up the company’, as only a few weeks ago, he had to sell his kids flashy quad-bikes to a guy in Harrogate so he could afford to pay the school fees for his son. Jeffrey, you are so skint, you haven’t even got enough money to prop up your fat belly. Roll on 2011!

Santa says:

It's official - MORRIS IS A FAILURE!!!

Yet another thing to add to the portfolio. I am sure the shareholders will soon find out how and where their money has been spent. This is payback time but payback in a way you have never previously known it. It’s great knowing that all we have to do is tell the truth. Can’t wait.
I like that story about the quad bikes – well done Informer.
Let’s not forget that Morris still has no money, still owes fortunes and is still getting sued by many people so do not be disenchanted with one silly announcement. I bet he never paid anyones wages but promised to pay them before they return after the break…………..
I’m sure (in fact I know) that members of the Morris family will soon be receiving some legal mail to his negative equity house in the very near future – call them belated Christmas presents.
Finally, it is after all Christmas Day and for whatever you could / couldn’t afford this morning as a result of Morris’ actions be thankful for only one thing – YOU ARE NOT HIM BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE PROBLEMS IN COMPARISON TO HIM. HE IS AN OFFICIAL FAILURE!!!

Miss Moneypenny says:




The informer says:

I have read the above announcement re “the day”, and you can be assured that a deal like this will not be allowed to progress without close scrutiny. Just because non-exec’s and paid advisers have given Imjack Comms Ltd the nod to proceed, does not mean the deal is bone fide. Quite the contrary! On the face of it, it looks to me that this is a clear breach of insolvency rules where a company is diverting assets from creditors. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered in respect of how this company has been run, and come the beginning of January, I shall be raising questions with the authorities regarding the conduct of these companies, as well as all the previous ones. Lets not forget, he did exactly the same with The Media Buzz, hence why the HMRC are still investigating him. Morris, if only you would have paid your staff!

Here to help says:

Reply to previous post

Informer, you sound like you are one of those who have not been paid and consequently I understand your position but in saying that regardless of the wage situation these practises cannot be allowed to go unnoticed. There is a significant amount of people willing to assist your Morris expose, me being one of them, so can you please give some clear instructions.

The informer says:

I have decided to say no more regarding the investigation into Morris’s business behavior for obvious reasons. Let the authorities get on with their work, and I can promise you that he will not be allowed to do what he is trying to do, however clever he THINKS he is, the people investigating him are far cleverer. However, as one of the posts asked yesterday regarding recruiting volunteers to write to headmasters and the SSAT, I volunteer. If Jeffrey Morris thinks for one moment that he is going to shake off this ever increasing movement against him, he can so think again. Morris, we will not rest until you are finished and that is a promise! I wish you and all a happy new year!

It's your duty says:

Please can everyone post on what Morris has done, and how he is changing the name of the company again. Please advise all contributors on edugeek to make sure they tell the headmaster / deputy/ assistant head in their school. They need to be aware of the shark practices of Morris and his company’s and must not fall for his lies.(Make sure everytime, you add the link to this site). The details for a headmaster / teacher forum will be listed on this site either today or tomorrow. Good luck guys and lets keep up the momentum to make sure the failure wastes another ?11 million.

LOVIN' IT says:


If you have any information regarding erroneous dealings at the Media Buzz please contact the link below:

We have successfully recruited VR (those of you reading this will know who she is) and we are in the process of looking for others who can help our cause and prevent this corporate thug from getting away with yet more shenanigans. We are on a crusade to ensure he is held accountable for EVERYTHING the authorities find it necessary to investigate him for.

As for Imjack – the process is in full swing having taken advice from some very interesting people who think we can get the assets of the business frozen within two weeks. There will however be further instructions posted on here as to how YOU can help.

You can also email anonymously to and we urge you to do so.

THESE EMAILS ARE 100% untraceable and if you have any doubt please send from a pseudo (made up) email address. Regardless of whether you still work for the thug or you have previously been employed by him. WE REQUIRE AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE TO ENSURE THIS MAN LOSES EVERYTHING AND IF FOUND GUILTY OF WHAT WE THINK HE MAY BE GUILTY OF, WILL SPEND A LONG TIME IN PRISON.


I'm new to this says:

My opinion

Jeffrey Morris it’s looks like the noose is tightening around you. With all the people reading this blog and being told by every advisor that isn’t sueing you to pack it in it’s going to be a busy time for the authorities who will be showing a lot of interest in you.
So pathetic are you, you are like a bird with no wings. No Michael Abrahams or Jeff Taylor to help you, they can’t wait to wipe their hands of you. You are on the verge of losing everything and even the people still working for you absolutely hate you. They say when you speak they cringe.
Rumour has it you have been running a business illegally so we are going to ask the authorities to investigate. There are other rumours too that I dare not mention on here. In fact rumors are rife and I hope for your sake they are unfounded.
This us what happens when you use people and knowingly negatively affect their lives. You see that is an evil thing to do and it invokes angry reactions. We don’t ever use violence or lies and when it comes to you there is a wealth of information to use, we feel spoilt.
There is no escaping this time. Can you afford the lawyers bills or will you now qualify for legal aid?

For those of you who think Morris is happy let me assure you he isn’t. He’s usually in Barbados now but he can’t afford it. He can’t even afford to go to Blackpool. He can’t go to Harrogate because everyone is laughing at him and his big shot family nor can he go to Leeds because he doesn’t feel safe. He is stuck in his shack surrounded by a level of security that Obama would be proud of – I wonder why???

Anonymous Coward says:

if jeffery is reading tis if only ud paid ur staff? fair enugh the business was in the shit why tke ppl on? did u really think ud get a way with it. How thick are you? it astounds me u actually made millions. I dnt want anyone else to go through wat Ive had to too sleepless nights thinkin hw im gonna pay my rent just out of uni i was naive enough to take a job wiv u. ive no symathy for u , uve dne this to hunderds of ppl u deserve to pay thne price and ur children as u hve spoilt them through ill gotten gains and they prob dont knw wat human decency and morals is. to ur brother in law bradley I hate him even mre for thinkin Im stupid and can be fobbed off I have a degree just like u and the smell of con reeks from every hence of u and i cant wait to hear the news of u and jeffs imprisioment and i cant wait to see ur slimey mugs in crt in crt in jan and yes i will get the mny u owe me and as i said to u previously bradley it will be double. To the schools that have had imjack cme in the sales consultants are hard wrking ppl who belive in the product as its actually nt bad itgs the ppl who own it greedynss that has ruined a platform for yng ppl to realise their dreams through inspiration. if there werent so many overpaid hanger ons to the company it wd still be running . no its the ppl who put their heart and soul in to the cmpy that get shit on but hey thats life toi the morris family eh?

The informer says:

Anonymous Coward – I am sorry to hear about what that man has done to you, but you can be rest assured there will be a change of gear next week in highlighting his business antics – BELIEVE ME. We will never let Jeffrey Morris forget what he has done to us, he will regret it for evermore. If he thinks for one moment, he is going to escape what he had done, he really can think again. This time Jeffrey Morris you are going to be called to account as your days of evasion are well and truly over. His big flashy lifestyle will come to an abrupt end for him and his family. All those cars will have to go, and I am sure when his daughters boyfriends family out what Jeffrey Morris has done to so many people, they might have something to say about their relationship.

Judge Justice says:

Failure Morris

Jeffrey Morris has started something that is impossible for him to finish. There will only be one huge winner here and the winner will go by the name of Justice.

This dirty scum bag will be taught an important lesson in how NOT to treat people.

Oh, Jeffrey Morris, you are in so much trouble and we are going to revell in watching it play out. In fact you are f****d and there is not a thing you can do about it.

Anonymous Coward says:


Please post on here and publicise to unassuming schools what they may be getting involved with. Please only tell the truth as the big advantage is that no one has to lie given the wealth of irregularities.


Mr Barclays says:

Campaign Update

Please do not forget to email:

We have currently had seven replies with calls scheduled tomorrow with four of the respondents.

We have also recruited a “big wig” from the city as well as some high-end, free legal representation. We do not feel this will be a long drawn out process but the more people we have on board the greater impact we have. We are also getting help from a couple of people Morris has had previous dealings with from the education sector – surprisingly he owes them money too so they have expressed a desire to assist. They again are high profile – one being an x advisor to the government.

Finally we would like some assistance in rounding up all the people that have been so cruelly sacked without pay from Imjack as we will be arranging a peaceful protest outside Mr Morris’ office and then on to his home address but need to sync with a couple of interested journalists to ensure maximum exposure.

There may (will) be a case for us having to stop posting detailed updates on techdirt once the legal phase is in full swing so please sign up to the newsletter at and stay updated.

Well done everyone so far and we thank you for your help.

The Blue says:

I have not been on here for a bit, but I am pleased to see that the genie is out of the bottle regarding Jeffrey Morris’s behaviour and business dealings. You can only run for so long and eventually you just run out of look. I for one hope and pray that this man gets caught sooner rather than later coz you can’t go round doing what he has done to people and expect to get away with it scott free. I know for a fact that once the powers that be get there claws into him, they will never give up. They will destroy him regardless of however much money he pays lawyers and advisors. There will only be one winner!

the grass says:


The grapevine was right. The c**t did not pay us today and if the grapevine is right again looks as though he going personally bankrupt too. Was told he owes millions and the only thing he has is some rotting warehouse he thinks is worth millions more….hmmmm
There are not many people in the world that would treat people like this dog has treated us at christmas time. Now i know how all those people felt that he has done it to over the last few months.
i bet he pays Adam Gould coz he is used to sack everyone. Thats all he has done since arriving five years ago. What a lazy useless fucka. I imagine Morris keeps him there for some motive best known to himself. If anyone knows the reason please let us know.
He hasn’t paid us and that means trouble for him. I will be surprised if anyone other than his thick useless brother in law turns up on the first day back. I will write again about that thick shit of a brother in law but the important thing now is getting paid.
and now a plea direct to jeffrey.


Sonic the Hedgehog says:

Pressure Pays

You are right informer. The pressure did work as he reads this site regularly and must have borrowed the money to pay you. I cant believe how many people are reading this. You are very funny Informer and I think you right to go back in Jan and get as much as you can and I know at least two others who are doing just that. Going to post some great info in the next few days so keep reading folks.
2011 is going to be a great year if your surname isn’t Morris so let’s raise a glass together, look forward and stay focused – the toast is….


Headmister says:

2011 The Year Morris finally lost everything

Hold your heads up high everyone. I hear Morris has been going mad by these posts and he is furious that we are allowed to write the truth without being censured.
We are proud of all of you and promise that we will not stop until EVERYONE has been paid for the time they work or until Morris and his business are declared officially bankrupt.
This is likely to be a straight forward process as it has recently been highlighted on another forum (you subscribers know which one i am referring to) all the illegal practices Morris has been involved with. We must stress at this early stage that these illegal practices are currently only alleged illegal practices. It is all very very exciting and we cannot wait.
We promise you that as regards Morris the Failure 2011 is going to be THE YEAR OF JUSTICE.

Happy New Year

The informer says:

Let’s remember, that Morris the Failure has yet again been forced to close the business down and start again. Unfortunately for him, this has yet again caused him to loose the last bit of credibility he had left. The SSAT have totally distanced themselves from him, albeit he still believes he and Abrams will do a deal with them. Maybe they have had the nod from Michael Goves( The Secretary of State for Education) as I am sure he received our formal protests against Jeffrey Morris. Jeffrey Morris can open/close/swap/revamp company’s, call it what you like, but he will always fail because he doesn’t have a clue.
Also, one of the guys who works here went down to Bristol for Christmas and was shooting his mouth off that if he never got his money, he wasn’t coming back. Guess what, Morris the Failure paid him – I wonder who this guys dad is. All guesses are welcome and the winner will get a free Morris the Failure 2011 calendar featuring all his failed businesses. Hahaha

Newbee says:

Morris the Slug

That post was very funny informer!!

Don’t know the guy in Bristol but I do know what everyone knpws and thats that Morris is now completely finished. I heard this weekend that he is now using illness as an excuse for his complete failure.

I was talking to an ex friend of his in Harrogate and found out that he apparently thinks he has a case going against a high street bank for 40 million and he is suing them for that amount in the hope they will settle with him for six or seven million. How funny! Oh, he also told me Morris doesn’t speak to any of his old acquaintances anymore because he owes most of them significant sums of money.

Ssshhhhh, don’t tell anyone but I also heard from a reliable source Michael Abrahams cannot wait to sever his association with Morris and following that he will never speak to him again because he has lost all respect for him. Remember, I’m not supposed to have repeated that.

One of the Harrogate boys he lulled into parting with some money said he been fucked by Morris but nothing like the way Morris is going to get fucked by the authorities when they investigate how this slug has been operating. I call him a slug because they leave slimy trails like Morris.

I going to buy him a belated Xmas gift and he likes the best so he’s going to get the finest slug pellets I bought at the great Yorkshire show last summer.

Anonymous Coward says:

what the fuck just got sent a letter dating 24th 12 /10 from imjack it reads on it the letter is dated 5th i was sacked on the 29th. Following your redundancy from imjack 29th/0ct/10 your entitlement is as follows 1 weekss notice pay 336.53 hoilday pay 168.27. I worked the full month of oct mind I was also in my p45 it says I was paid on 29th 0ct WHAT A FUCKIN JOKE MUST BE RUNNING SCARED AS MY COURT DATE IS DUE NEXT WEEK . HAS NOONE HEARD OF BANK STATEMENTS BIT OBIVOUS TO PROVE THAT U S ARE LYING BASTARDS. has made me laugh all day

Ex Employee says:

Morris the Failure

So Morris has today begun a new company to accrue some debts and knock some more unsuspecting creditors. This man is a liability to business. In reality he is a complete fraud who does his utmost to try and stay within the letter of the law but unfortunately for him he has stepped out of the boundaries a few times which is what we will be using to nail him, not to mention him confiding in the “wrong people”.
Yorkshire may have experienced a small earthquake last night but they want to brace themselves for the one thats going to hit Jeffrey Morris in the next 3-4 weeks. Tremors will be felt as far as Lombards Head office as well as Barclays Bank HQ…. Its going to be a big one.
Finally we have had confirmation that there is no way in this world that the SSAT will be going anywhere near The Days or Imjack and will begin distancing themselves at the forthcoming BETT event.
Lets face it, we brought down Imjack Secure Ltd, we are close to bringing Morris to justice and we promise you that Imjack PLC will be gone by March.
We are never wrong.
OH, i forgot to mention Did you all know that the main source of Morris’ income is now a car park. We didnt, and neither did the tax man. Suffice to say they now Know 😉

The informer says:

Yes thats right! I am of the understanding, that the car-park has been watched since October by the authorities as well as other operations of Morris’s. I will say no more, but thank the Lord for Whistleblowers! Whilst I hope the PLC will be gone by March, you need to remember that Morris and his kids have everything invested in it, and he will move heaven and earth to keep it going, and will take from anyone to do so. However, it is my opinion that he may find himself in a spot of bother before then. I am pleased to hear that the SSAT have severed ties with IMJack, and I have also had confirmation that many schools have been made aware of this company.
This campaign will not be running out of steam and Jeffrey Morris neads to understand that, and we will keep on going until this man learns that you cannot go round behaving like he does. By the way, I loved last weeks newsletter!



Informer, Morris has lost everything. He is a low life piece of shit who allowed his ego to stick in excess ?10m into a project that was the biggest pile of shite everyone laughed at it.

Facts are facts and here are a few of them:

1) He has no money left and is in negative equity.
2) He is terribly desperate.
3) He has absolutely no clue what he is doing.
4) He has had to sell personal possessions to pay his everyday bills.
5) He has had to sell his holiday home and has now tossd that money off.
6) He cant get a bank account……HAHAHAHAHA
7) He cannot borrow a penny from anyone.
8) He has never maintained a successful business.
9) He owes his one of his drivers in excess of ?10K.
10) He used to have ?40m……HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

and the list goes on…………….and on……………..and on… like

11) He will never ever do business with the SSAT.

MR HAPPY says:






CID says:

The Fraud Police

Just to let you know that within the next 2-3 weeks the authorities will be reviewing EVERY aspect of Jeffrey Morris’ business dealings together with the dealings of his family in direct relation to Imjack, Media Buzz, Wamey etc etc
It would be wrong of me to predict what they may establish but it’s fair to point out these authorities do not like “leaving empty-handed”. Exciting times. There will only be one winner as was previously suggested – JUSTICE!!

Will keep you posted.

Mario (profile) says:

Pressure Pays

So this is what you’ve been reduced to, Sonic: making incendiary remarks on TechDirt articles? I know your games have largely been a cavalcade of mediocrity since the 16-bit days, but a lot of people thought Sonic Colours was quite good, so cheer up. Come on, let’s go have a few rounds of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and talk about the old days, eh?

Little baby man (user link) says:

Justice/Gold Rings

Just to let you know that within the next 2-3 weeks the authorities will be reviewing EVERY aspect of Sonics’ business dealings together with the dealings of his posse in direct relation to Hedgehogs, Japan (both da band and da country), Knuckles, etc etc

It would be wrong of me to predict what they may establish but it’s fair to point out these authorities do not like “leaving without gold-rings”. Exciting times. There will only be one winner as was previously suggested – SEGA!!

Enough is enough says:

Give the man a break

I am sick of reading what a bad man he is. I will get in trouble 4 writing this coz he told us to ignore it and find out who writing these things about him but I feel like it is not fair. Answer this then how could the ssat make the bees thing just for him and they are now trying to work on another deal with them so it can’t all be bad. There are times he has paid us late but we got paid in the end. That’s better than most companies at the moment. And anyway some time ago he told me to sell some shares I had in the company because they were going to go down and I did and saved a lot if money. You should all get off his back or he has told us he will fi d who has been saying this stuff and teach them some big lessons.

C O Jones says:

Enough is enough - yeah right

Give the man a break – really ? He paid you late and “that’s better than most companies at the moment” !!!?

I don’t know what strange little world you live in but proper companies pay their employees on the day they are supposed to – ALWAYS. And if he can’t pay you when he’s supposed to he doesn’t have a viable business. Full stop.

If you’re typical of the type of person who will speak up for Jeffrey Morris you can enlighten me here. Because I just looked at the latest accounts for ImJack (6 months to 31st March 2010) – a loss of ?1.8 million in the process of generating ?5,692.

So tell me – please – how does the management of an organisation that spends ?320 for every ?1 it earns, can’t pay it’s employees on time, commits insider trading by telling staff members to sell shares in their stock-market listed company and then threatens the people they’ve crapped on – retain the right to employ anyone ?

Go on – tell me.

Enough is enough says:

Enough is enough - yeah right

Hi jones. You have no reason to bad mouth this man just because he is trying to make money. Do you know him because if you did you would be able to make a better opinion of him. He told us all the people that never got paid were all a waste of space and never deserved to get paid so that serves them right. How many other bosses would help you by telling you to sell their shares in the company. He is always trying to make it work and tries something new every 2 or 3 weeks. You were probably one of the people that joined imjack and never got paid because you never worked. We laugh with JM about you lot everyday.

Anonymous Coward says:

if they were all so bad get rid after a week not 2 mnths think the law sees nt paying ppl different that may be the way it wrks on evil ole man wrld but doesnt matter cse karma is awesome. How think are u he dnt give fuck bout u u clearly just a number . Tell jeff from me hve fun in prision or just crawl under the hole he cme from

The investigator says:

I have done some research into Jeffrey Morris and the amount of companies he has had. It is incredible how he has been allowed to get away with forming company’s then putting them into insolvency for so long. I have made a complaint to the authorities that police this type of behaviour, and whilst they have told me they can’t give specifics, they did tell me that they are all over him at the moment and invite anyone with information about him to report it to them. Also, I saw on here a few weeks ago an email address to register for the ‘newsletter’. Please could you post it up for me as I have some very interesting information that will help in bringing Morris to justice.

We will get there says:

We will get there

Look Jeffrey is a sick man. We have been told he needs an operation and you are all making it worse for him by writing here. It is wrong of all for doing this. I hate people who just think he owes them money. He gave one of my workmates a new silver BMW sports car and a pay rise 3 weeks ago as he is now managing the office so good luck to him. The only thing I agree with you lot on is Mark Harrison as he is the thickest person I ever met and I’m surprised at Jeffrey for giving him a job. Must be because he is so thick he couldn’t get any other job. Other than Mark you can be sure he knows what he is doing. I start back at work tomorrow and don’t want to get caught out so just remember that Jeffrey Morris is a man of his word!

Anonymous Coward says:


So you’re apparently dedicated enough to research all of Jeffery Morris’ companies and complain to some vague, nondescript authorities, but you can’t be arsed to scroll up the page a little to find the email address you need?

……..(‘(…?…?….?~ /’ . . .’ )

Undercover Reporter says:

Morris the Fraud

Jeffrey Morris is the lowest of the low. He has bought loyalty from his family and odd friend with money and nothing else but now risks losing it all as his finances dwindle. The man would stand out as a low life in a cockroach colony. What you should be delighted about is that he now has no money and is the laughing stock of yorkshire and his close community. For those that ever bothered with him in the city, and that was very few,they all think he is a failed bankrupt. He is also being investigated on all sorts of accounts with his family implicated (by him as he has being using their names in companies) in many of the investigations. Does anyone know if he still driving round in a little Audi? I cant say too much but it is all very exciting.
i have heard he has borrowed money from his sister to pay Januarys salaries but noone will give him money for Februarys so it looks like the writing is on the wall.

Very funny post about him only having taken five thousand pounds in six months. If the company was on benefits it would have taken more than that.

The researcher. says:

Yes, he begged and borrowed to cobble together Decembers salary payments but currently is finding it difficult to find the funds for January. He has drained accounts in London and is desperate to find funding. I feel sorry for Sasha in accounts as he has her doing mad things to juggle cash around. In a message to everyone still here, you need to find another job, coz he really has no money to keep this rubbish going, and changing names means nothing to us.



Imjack accountants are astounded at what they have recently found. Along with invoices for unused order pads, brochures and lavish lunches they found a ?6900.00 invoice for a pair of tits. Now i know what you are all thinking but it wasn’t Adam Gould and Mark Harrison. They seem to belong to his daughter who had them fitted as a company bonus.

The Grass says:

Jeffrey, just so you are aware, every sponsor on your website is about to receive notification of the scam to get money out of them, and what you told us to say to them, including all the lies. i.e ‘we have 50 schools in your area using the system with 10,000 students on line at any time’. We know now that most days there is no more than 1 person on line (thanks for the info ????). Also, Jeffrey what happened to the BEES product that the salesman got ?3000 for with a guaranteed refund. Well Jeffrey DO NOT worry as we have the details of the schools that were scammed and shall be doing are civic duty to let them know what youve done with the company and their money! Good luck with the 2 new company’s and lets see how much you go BANG for this time!!!

Ex Employee says:

Birds & Bees

I can’t condone discussing his daughters tits but I was surprised at the growth spurt they underwent which coincided with her having a few days off. It wasn’t just me that noticed it when she had it done.
Grass, BEES was fully endorsed by the SSAT as of you knew was on all the paperwork so what are you trying to say? Do let me know mate.

The grass says:

The question is, was the BEES promotion endorsed by the SSAT? I am not sure it was, and am concerned that possibly may have been fabricated. I shall seek clarification from the SSAT and the Department of Education and report back as soon as I have the information to hand. I hope it was an authorised offer by the SSAT otherwise has a fraud been committed? I don’t know! Of course, I’m not saying a fraud has occurred, but would be happy to seek clarification. Fortunately I have copies of the documents of this promotion and will forward to the above.

C O Jones says:

Breaking news (post 277) – am I correct in saying Imjack is/was a stock market listed company, with a board of directors answerable to shareholders, private and institutional investors ?

And if so please clarify – are you saying Imjack accountants found an invoice that showed the chairman of Imjack authorised company funds to be spent on cosmetic surgery for his daughter, that amounted to more than the total accounted revenue for that company between October 2009 – March 2010 ?




imJack PLC
CVA and Notice of General Mee
RNS Number : 3368Z
imJack PLC
12 January 2011


(the “Company” or “ImJack)

CVA and Notice of General Meeting

Further to the Company’s announcement on December 24th 2010 (the “Announcement”), shareholders have now been written to, to inform them of the proposals to implement the CVA as described in the Announcement. As detailed in the letter, it is proposed to hold a General Meeting on 21st January 2011 where the appropriate resolution to approve the CVA will be put to shareholders.

The Company is continuing to make progress with the new business model referred to in the Announcement.

The letter to shareholders including the notice of General Meeting will be available shortly on the Company’s website,

For further information please contact:

imJack Plc

Michael Abrahams Chairman

Tel. 01653 618016

Daniel Stewart & Company plc

Emma Earl/Paul Shackleton

Tel. 020 7776 6550

Rawlings Financial PR Ltd

Catriona Valentine

Tel. 01653 618016

Ex Employee says:

We are in full swing

If the BEES programme was illegal and there is no evidence of a revenue stream then surely the CVA is a mere time delay with no good reason.
Thankfully someone has a list of all the schools who have previously bought the system and we are working our way through that list. We are also making the schools aware of the actual amount of mentors as well as the calibre of them.

We are getting a very interesting response and i think this is just the start of a very interesting chapter in our plight to see Morris business-less and penniless.

We will get there – we promise.

BTW….The venue for the general meeting on the 21st January is to be confirmed.

The grass says:

The venue is confirmed. It will take place at 1pm on the 21st January 2011 in the general block, HMP Armley, Leeds, West Yorkshire. Inmates Morris and Abrahms shall chair the meeting in their newly furnished en suit accommodation complete with bunk beds and stainless steel wc/ bathroom fittings. They have secured their new home by way of a 8 year mortgage provided by the State.

Pseudonym says:

A dose of perspective

I hope you realise that this CVA is probably what’s going to get you the money you are owed, and that disrupting it goes against your own interests. Also, it’s highly likely that the most you’ll achieve from any sort of protest is harming those still left at the company. I hope damaging their livelihoods with your rumour and hearsay satisfies your blind desire for revenge.

Ex Employee says:

Response to Pseudonym

Mr Pseudonym, a blind desire for revenge is not what we are about but any attempt by you to depict Jeffrey Morris as the victim is deplorable.
Any monies owed by Imjack Secure Communications Ltd will now be sought by perusing Jeffrey Morris personally. We will also be asking numerous questions in regard to his business dealings.
Just to make our position clear it is, or never has been, any intention of ours to affect the livelihoods of anyone but that of Mr Morris who has knowingly stolen from multiple people in his quest to remain in business. This therefore renders Mr Morris a fraud and a thief. As a result of these actions a demonstration is most certainly an appropriate course of action and one we intend to see through. The response rate has been high as is the amount of peoples lives he has affected by his fraudulent actions.
If Mr Morris so believes it is his intention to remunerate the people he owes money too as a result of his actions then it is suggested that he makes his proposal for repayment clear on this site for all to read. We are not looking for
anything other than repayment in full of all those who worked in the full knowledge of Mr Morris that he had no intention of paying them.

Pseudonym says:

Revenge is not what you are about?

“i think this is just the start of a very interesting chapter in our plight to see Morris business-less and penniless.”

“…or until Morris and his business are declared officially bankrupt.”

“i hope im wrong or that prick gonna be in a spot of bother.”

“…and lets keep up the momentum to make sure the failure wastes another ?11 million.”


I did not intend to portray Jeffery Morris as the victim. I understand he owes past employees money. But I also understand that he is trying his best to reimburse you.

Ex Employee says:

Stop typing unadulterated nonsense

Mr Pseudonym,

You are under the absolute misapprehension that I have made all those quoted comments.

I have no clue as to who you are but i can assure you that Mr Morris has upset more than a handful of people of which everyone has their own agenda. Unfortunately I am unable to speak for all those directly or indirectly affected by Morris’ greed.

As for the comment in the previous post which I did write it is believed “with good reason” that Morris is trading insolvent hence if he did the honourable thing and liquidates the PLC he will be both business-less and penniless, and yes, that is my wish.

Morris is an unscrupulous little prick who leaves a trail of victims behind him in whatever he has previously done business-wise. He is not to be trusted and MUST be held accountable. It is evident you are not a victim which renders you unqualified to discuss the stress, aggravation and upset he has heaped onto the lives of many.

For the record – Morris has made NO attempts to reimburse anyone besides for paying off his sons friend which in itself was an act of cowardice. Especially considering he had worked in the business for only eight weeks and was from a wealthy family with no dependants. Morris wanted to avoid confrontation with his family, who he knows socially, so decided to make him the only person he paid.

If this is a way to somehow legitimise Morris’ actions I strongly advise you start a new thread where all the people that respect and look-up to Morris can post.

If you type “techdir” into google the third auto-complete option is “Techdirt Jeffrey Morris” so you can imagine how popular this thread is becoming and we haven’t started yet.

Keep reading as the campaign to seek justice continues at pace.

Ex Employee says:

Showing yourself up

I forgot to ask you. For all those people whose families were denied a proper Christmas by way of not being able to afford one because they were sacked without pay in October, November and December and whose kids did not get presents – Is Morris making every attempt to repay them because if he is he has made a great secret of it. this from a man who tells everyone everything.


Pseudonym says:

You must find it terribly difficult to type while you are jumping to all those conclusions.

I was not labouring under the misapprehension that you made all those comments. I was, in fact, quoting the other wronged individuals. Strange though that you claim to not be speaking for the group, yet you make heavy use of the first-person plural personal pronoun, ‘we’, so it is evident that you are no different from the rest here who would see those left at the company burned in the pursuit of satisfaction.

In fact it is you who are under the misapprehension that I am not owed money by Jeffery Morris. Quite the opposite, but Mr Morris helped me greatly in the past and so I do not doubt that he intends to rectify this situation.

So sure are you that Jeffery Morris is not to be trusted, yet how can I trust an anonymous collective whose claims are riddled with contradiction?

You call me uninformed. That is something I cannot deny. I am not attempting to legitimise Mr Morris’ past actions, whatever they may be, for I lack the knowledge to comment on them. But after all the time I have spent reading these comments I am left no more enlightened as to his alleged injustices. You have failed to leave me any better informed.

I am sorry that you were offended by my comments. I merely wish to urge all of you to not lose faith that Mr Morris will pay you back. And I implore you not to pursue any rash action, as the risk of hurting the company’s current employees is very high indeed.

The informer says:

Who is this tosser sticking up for Morris? Is it his delinquent brother in law? Well, who ever you are, I bet you are not owed money by that man. He is a disgrace and deserves everything he has brought on himself. He sacked me in November without pay and has made no effort to pay me. Personally I can’t wait till the protest to see that little man squirm. Also, was he allowed to pay his friends son and not everyone else? Not sure if that was allowed.

Pseudonym says:

If I had that kind of money to spare I clearly would not need to work – so your statement is, frankly, nonsense. I would be more than happy to pay you all your wages were it within my power, though I am not sure I could stomach the sanctimony of all the comments on this thread claiming victory in your personal crusade that would no doubt follow.

I am sure, since you call me naive, that you have extensive first-hand experience of all of Jeffery Morris’ business dealings, including the ones you believe are criminal. My faith in our pending reimbursement remains unshaken.

Ex Employee says:

How much is that failure paying you?

Mr Pseudonym,

The chances are that if you know Jeffrey Morris then he owes you money.

It is indeed your posts that are riddled with contradictions – not mine. You honestly are out of your depth when talking about his desire to pay. He has purposely abandoned the company we were all employed by for the sole purpose to alleviate any legal responsibility to pay us. You are talking absolute rubbish. And as for the CVA……………..?500K in three months when his overall income for the previous six months was sub ?6k. Please dont insult your own intelligence.

For the record “we” alludes to a minimum of 2 people although whilst i act alone i am mindful of the tens of people that Jeffrey Morris has wronged hence the referral to “we”. Its really not that difficult to comprehend.

Facts are facts. He knowingly had most of these people work up to one whole month knowing he was going to sack them on the final day of the month without pay. As far as I, or indeed any respectable person, would interpret that is as PRE MEDITATED THEFT.

It is quite transparent as to who you are and it is advised that in order not to damage your own career you cease to defend a certain failure and fraud. Your loyalty will undoubtedly backfire sometime in the future and you will then utilise any mode possible to recover what you are owed from that immoral low life. I actually pity your posts and you motive for writing them.

Anyway Jeffrey Morris does not need you to defend him as he will need a more powerful legal representation when requested to respond to all sorts of charges. If i was a gambling man i would say even Morris will be surprised when he sees the charges that will be brought against him in the near future.

And as for you Pseudonym – why do you sometimes hijack the name (anonymous coward”

There will only be one winner and that will be justice and i am able to call him a thief and a fraud as i have direct experience of both. i imagine the words the judge will use in his summing-up will be far harsher but that remains to be seen.

Finally dont you think it is a little disproportionate the amount of people that detest the little crook to ONLY YOU who attempts to defend him. Perhaps you are right and we are all wrong.

Garry Welding (profile) says:

Response to Pseudonym

You do realise that because your contract was with IMJack Ltd that you can’t actually ‘pursue Jeffrey Morris personally’ for any of the money he owes you right?

That’s the point of a Limited Company, limited liability. Send IMJack down the pan and you’ll be taking a case against a liquidated company for remuneration, good luck with that one…

I too am still owed some money by Mr Morris, I’m not posting under a pseudonym as I don’t see the point in this therefore you can verify my claims if you wish.

Personally I believe what ‘Mr Pseudonym’ is saying with regards to pay. The CVA and current BEES project is everybody’s best chance of getting paid what they are owed, and I have heard several times Mr Morris promise to do everything within his power to pay people what they were owed. If I didn’t believe this then I would have cut my loses months ago rather than risking more periods without pay. I work my arse off to support my partner and 2 kids and I certainly wouldn’t stick around if I thought Mr Morris’ intentions where to screw everybody over.

Just try not to forget that there are still people who rely on their job at IMJack.

First-person plural personal pronoun says:

Dear Pseudonym – forgive me for intruding on your conversation with ex-employee, but I would politely suggest that in your reference to “the risk of hurting the company’s current employees” you mean, in fact, “the risk of hurting the Morris family” ?

Can I also suggest that if you lack enlightenment as to Mr Morris’ alleged injusticies from reading these comments, you are –

A) Unable to read


B) An imbecile



Garry Welding (profile) says:

How much is that failure paying you?

I know this conversations nothing to do with me but can I just point out that if you post a comment without specifying a name (the actual comment is the only required field when not logged in) then it auto-magically creates your post from ‘Anonymous Coward’. It’s obviously techdirt’s way of saying ‘this user did not specify a name’…

The informer says:

Garry you are writing about issues that clearly you do not understand. Years ago, directors of companies could not be pursued personally. However, today it is a regular occurrence for authorities and the courts to
‘pierce the corporate vail’ and hold a director/s or a person/s acting in the capacity of a director responsible. Based on this doctrine Garry, you may find that you’re boss will have to answer personally for the actions and endeavours of this company. If you research jeffrey Morris and look into the amount of companies he’s had, and subsequently shut down, it does not look good for him.

Garry Welding (user link) says:

I worked for 7 years as a Civil Engineer, and working in an industry that kills more people ever year than any other industry I can assure you that I’m am well versed in the legalities surrounding ‘Corporate Responsibility’. The only way you could pursue that line of action would be if you could prove that you were employed and that Mr Morris knew he was not going to be able to pay you at the time he employed you. This is going to be near impossible at best.

Either way, that was not the point of my comment. The point of my comment was to draw attention to the fact that people still work at IMJack that rely on that job to pay bills and feed their children, as I’m sure lots of those who were let go did, and it’s in my honest opinion that I believe Mr Morris intends on paying everybody the amounts outstanding.

Ex Employee says:

Gary - Call the SSAT

Hi Gaz, i fully understand why you have adopted the mindset you have in relation to Jeffrey Morris but I am afraid you are being naive.

I assume you must have been involved in development at Imjack and I imagine, luckily for you, have no history with Jeffrey Morris. Let me assure you now – Jeffrey Morris has no intention of paying you because I was there when he rubbed his hands together and said quote “got rid of the shit and if they think they will get a shilling from me they are badly mistaken. That doesn’t sound like a man with good intentions of paying.

As for the BEES programme. Why dont you call the SSAT this morning and ask for the head of development and ask him/her about the BEES programme. The response you will receive will be very interesting simply because the SSAT have no idea of the existence of anything called the BEES programme let alone endorse it. Jeffrey Morris fraudulently used the SSAT logo on the paperwork as BEES was simply made-up by Jeffery Morris

Perhaps you ought to make that call them by all means make your findings public.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Garry Welding (user link) says:

Gary - Call the SSAT

Yes, you’re correct, I am a developer for IMJack.

Unfortunately I can’t comment on anything Mr Morris may or may not have said, as I have already stated it is my opinion.

It’s also not my place to comment on deals with the SSAT and I will not be drawn into debate on this.

Like I have previously said, I posted on here to remind people that there are still people who are employed by IMJack and that probably the only way anyone is going to get paid is if the company turns itself around and starts to make some money.

Garry Welding (user link) says:

Gary - Call the SSAT

And Ex-Employee, I’m not sure what you mean by ‘you have no history with Jeffrey Morris’?

I’ve worked for this company for over 2 years now and have gone through several stages of only being paid half a wage, or not being paid until most of the way through the next month. And currently I am owed a substantial amount of month from Octobers salary still. However, Mr Morris has always paid fully in the end and always offered to help out those who needed it whilst they were waiting for wages.

Pseudonym says:

First-person plural personal pronoun

It should be quite clear to you that I am at least aware of the issue of the money owed to the employees who were let go at the end of last year. I was in fact alluding to all the other alleged business injustices that you all seem to be aware of. And when I ask for enlightenment I do not mean give me unverified stories.

Ex Employee says:

Pseudonym, whilst it may be convenient for you to dismiss some posts it certainly does not call their credibility into question. Why dont you be specific with the particular injustices you would like to question and lets answer them for you. Actually this will be extremely helpful as it will allow any other doubters to know the true facts of they dont already.

Gary, The Informer is right, you ought to check out Mr Morris before you draw on your own “lucky” experience. If you think the reverse psychology tactic of revealing your identity and defending Morris by way of getting paid then you are wasting your time. If you are still employed by the company (which i suspect you are) then I promise you those that were sacked, having worked, without being paid will NOT be paid their outstanding wages. You however may still get paid.


Minorplanet employee says:

I have read all these posts about Jeffrey Morris and only drawing from my person experiences I would say that any attempt to defend him in any way is an insult to those defrauded by him.

The man is a hated monster and is talked about in many circles. Everyone hates (and i dont use the word lightly) him and his associates.

Well done to all of you for the expose and thank you on behalf of me.

Garry Welding (user link) says:

‘If you are still employed by the company (which i suspect you are)’ – well Sherlock I have mentioned in every post above that I am indeed still employed by the company and that I am currently one of the developers of the IMJack platform.

Reverse psychology tactic? I have never posted on this thread before these recent comments. All posts by me are labelled as such.

Zorro says:


Good morning, ladies & gentlemen,

I understand why some of the more ridiculous participants in this forum are unwilling to reveal their identity – it’s difficult to justify much of the hatred and hyperbole being touted around. Identifying oneself when posting what is, frankly, bullshit, is not sensible; at least if you’re worried about the UKs notably stringent libel laws.

However, “Mr Ex Employee”, as the self apppointed organiser of the forthcoming demo, why don’t you come out of the shadows and post under your real name? It’s not like it’s going to be a secret for much longer, assuming you have the “balls of steel” to attend your own protest, eh?

Personally, I’m quite looking forward to seeing all those old faces on the 21st. Perhaps after you’ve stood around underneath the trees for a while *again* (plus ca change, eh?) and made whatever point it is you’re trying to make, we can go and get a pint?

I’d just like to add how much I am enjoying this exchange. Reminds me of the old school Usenet flame wars circa 1991 – good old days.


Ah. That takes me back.

Zorro, masked avenger

Ex employee says:

Clearly you are not as clever as you would like to make out – if you would have read that “old news” thread you would have seen that the fat failure tried to get the thread removed only to have a new thread opened in his honour berating his absolute stupidity. Transpires that Mr Morris asked you smart arse developers to try and track the IP addresses of the posts but when you realised you were helpless you resorted to try and discredit all the previous contributors comments.

May I also ask you how you feel about Imjack’s future software development capability since 80% of your colleagues were sacked?

It is also interesting how you have developed the selfish attitude of protecting your own interests whilst not giving a toss about those of your x-colleagues.

Also interesting that you quote the BEES deal as one of Morris’ strategies to pay people what he owes them without even knowing that the BEES deal was a lie that indeed never existed.

Finally, and I am not 100% certain of this, but I believe all the developers were paid by a separate company to that of the rest of the employees. Just another indication of how devious Mr Morris is.

You will be pleased to know that a certain Ms Byron and a Mr Lilley are pleased to be championing our corner so you can tell the fat failure that things are not looking great for him.

The campaign is going well my friend and the machine will not stop until justice for all is realised.

Oh, Did you forget to list the false accusations? In your own time