Before I Give You My Wallet, Smile For The Camera Phone…

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There have actually been a bunch of stories recently about people catching criminals via camera phones — which is becoming a nice counter balance to all those stories about just how evil camera phones are. However, the latest one involves someone who was being mugged at knifepoint and then chased. There’s also something about throwing a garbage can. So, here’s the question: at what point, while being attacked by a man with a knife (and a garbage can) do you pull out your camera phone and snap a picture? It’s great that this worked — the guy was caught within 10 minutes thanks the picture — but it just seems odd.

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Comments on “Before I Give You My Wallet, Smile For The Camera Phone…”

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1 Comment
Pony99CA (user link) says:

How To Do It

It seems pretty straightforward from the story. The mugger chased the guy, threw a garbage can (maybe trying to knock him down), realized he wasn’t going to catch the guy so he went back to his truck. The victim, checking back to see where the guy was, saw him turn around and took a picture of the guy and his truck. If this was far away, though, I’m not sure you’d get a good picture of the mugger.

Alternatively, maybe the victim was running around the mugger’s truck. The mugger gave up and got into the truck and the guy took the picture then. That would explain a good view of the mugger’s face.

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