SIPphone Lacking Enough Controversy, Needs To Sue Someone

from the where's-my-damn-lawsuit?!? dept

It appears that Michael Robertson simply isn’t happy unless his companies are involved in bizarre lawsuits. He’s basically realized that high profile lawsuits act as good publicity. It worked at (sued by the record labels) and it’s been working at Lindows (now Linspire, after successfully being sued by Microsoft). However, his other (completely me too) VoIP play, SIPphone simply hasn’t generated any controversy at all. So, if no one seems willing to sue SIPphone, Robertson seems to have decided he needs to sue someone else instead. And, since there are plenty of other VoIP players doing better than he is, why not sue the biggest name in the business: Vonage? So, SIPphone is now suing Vonage for “false advertising,” by not making it clear in the advertising that the Linksys VoIP equipment is designed to only work with Vonage’s service. They’re not even asking for money, just publicity… er… for Vonage and Linksys to change the advertisements.

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