Mobile Phone Backlash May Save Superman's Changing Room

from the it's-all-about-the-ettiquette dept

The Scotsman is running a good article noticing all of the stories about mobile phone misuse backlash lately (many of which we’ve written about here). It seems like plenty of people are finally fed up with people using mobile phones in a way that annoys or disturbs others, and it’s reached such a level that people are taking action — whether by saying something or (in a few cases) by taking physical action. One amusing sidenote in the article is that it notes the “phone booth” is coming back. While we were just talking about how mobile phones were killing the traditional phone booth, this article mentions that some restaurants are installing empty phone booths specifically as places that people can go talk privately on their mobile phones. It looks like Superman might just be able to keep his changing room for a little while longer.

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