Insta-Journalism: Just Add Quotes

from the why-bother-reporting dept

Last night on The Daily Show, there was an amusing exchange suggesting that tonight’s Presidential non-debate was so predictable with its set of ridiculous rules that reporters could file their reports ahead of time. Of course, it looks like that’s exactly what the Associated Press did. It’s getting passed around in the blog world like crazy, (though Carlo gets the credit for sending it here): it’s still well before the debates, and ABC News has posted some AP copy about the debate written in the past tense, as if it already happened. All they need to do is drop in some quotes, and voila: insta-journalism. Update: It looks like others, such as Yahoo are running an identical story, but with the proper tenses. I guess they’re just supposed to flip ’em at some point. Update 2: ABC has now pulled the story, but someone has the text and screenshots, if you’re interested.

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