War-Spammer Is The First Conviction Under CAN SPAM

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There are a few different things that could be discussed about the news that a spammer in California, who drove around using homeowners’ open WiFi networks to send out spam, is the first conviction under CAN SPAM after he pleaded guilty on Monday. First, it shows that, despite all the talk about how wonderful CAN SPAM was going to be in fighting off spam, and all the various lawsuits filed, it still took nearly a year for anyone to be found guilty of anything. Second, no one seems to be focusing on the aspect of this case that we discussed when the guy was originally arrested. All these security experts keep insisting that open WiFi is so scary because there’s no way to catch people, and yet this was a perfect example of someone getting caught for doing something illegal on an open WiFi network. Unfortunately, there still isn’t anyone who will say just how they caught this guy. However, the next time someone claims that open WiFi is dangerous because it’s impossible to catch criminals, point them to this article.

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