Wide Area Wireless Broadband Booming In Australia

It looks like some wide area wireless broadband offerings in Australia are doing quite well these days. Of course, in some cases, it may be catching on too fast, as Unwired is admitting that they’re slowing down their marketing efforts after they realized they’re running out of equipment from Navini, suggesting they underestimated the initial demand for the offering. One retailer even claims they haven’t seen this much demand for a product since the launch of Windows 95. It’s not surprising that there’s broadband wireless demand, the real question is whether or not the offerings can be rolled out in a way that actually meets customer demand. As we’ve been mentioning lately, there’s been a lot more hype than substance to many of these wireless broadband offerings, and while it’s good that people are buying, if they’re not satisfied, it can come back to haunt the entire industry.

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