More Police Attacks For Loud Mobile Phone Use

from the such-dangerous-times dept

Remember the couple who was maced for talking on a mobile phone in a theater (and, then, apparently, talking back to the cop who tried to get them to stop)? It appears the police are really starting to beat down on rude mobile phone users. The latest is that they pushed a pregnant woman to the floor, cuffed her and called for backup, after she got upset that the cop told her to quiet down on her mobile phone. In their defense, the transit cops involved claim she was cursing loudly into her phone, and when asked to quiet down started yelling back at the cop. Of course, it makes you wonder if she still deserved to be shoved to the ground and cuffed. Defenders of the woman point out that the same transit cops have cuffed and arrested a 12-year-old girl for eating a french fry and a government scientist for daring to finish a candy bar… so you get the feeling they may be a bit quick to make the decision on throwing someone to the ground and putting the cuffs on.

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Comments on “More Police Attacks For Loud Mobile Phone Use”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Mace ? Cuffs ? Where the hell’s the Tasers ? I want these people on the ground; quivering; losing control of their bowels.

In his book, Friday, Robert Heinlein put forth that rudeness is the first sign of a civilization in decline. I’m not sure if the idea is original or not but I think it may be correct.

So let’s ‘correct’ these people, pregnant, young, foreign, etc and try to slow down the decline.

No Sympathy says:

D.C. Transit Police

Hey, Washington has a vary clean and safe (well, except for the terrorist threat) system, because the Metro Police have a zero tolerance policy. Another anecdote: In ’87, Fawn Hall, Oliver North’s secretary, was arrested for eating a banana on the subway.

People may whine and say that it’s too harsh, but it’s really not burdensome for us law-abiding folk, and as a result, there are no gum wrappers, banana peels, or grafitti, and you aren’t at risk from muggers or crazies. Compare that to the NYC subway of old — or of today.

In this case, the woman wasn’t just talking loudly on a cell phone, she was cursing and refused to quiet down, then reportedly resisted arrest. And I wonder if the cop could tell that she was pregnant. And if fighting with the cops is bad for a pregnant mom, why didn’t she shut the hell up and cooperate? Unlike some police forces, the transit police aren’t known for being physically rough, so I suspect she instigated it, and/or is just positioning herself to sue and make some money. People like that shouldn’t reproduce anyway.

Chomper says:

No Subject Given

I think the police get a bad rap a lot of times. Not saying they are angels, but if you are going to mouth off to a cop like I’ve seen some punks do, you will get a beat down.

I think this is a perfect example of how to stop bigger things from happening. Giuliani did this in NYC, dealing with quality of life problems like noise, graffiti and etc. Obviously it’s worked.

But yeah, too many idiots who think they are above the fray.

M. K. says:

Re: No Subject Given

That woman has every right to speak as loudly as she likes and speak any words she likes without being accosted by police officers. She broke NO LAW, and was abused by police officers, a SERIOUS constitutional enfringment by the police officers involved.

When will the people in this country wake up and realize that we’ve been deprived of just about every right afforded to us by the Constitution and Bill of Rights?

Yardie says:

Re: No Subject Given

And how would that make the police any better than the punks they are arresting (or accosting in most cases)? Police are professionals, salespeople are professionals, and even the people at McDonalds are professionals, if any of the above gave a beat down to anyone mouthing off at them I’m pretty sure they will get arrested for aggravated assault.

The police are “hired” to protect the peace and uphold the law, they get trained and put their lives on the line so they don’t have to give someone a beatdown. I’m sure it’s safer (for the police, atleast) to shoot first and ask questions later, thereby removing all threats and all doubts, but politicians and the public don’t like that.

Stepping off stump now.

From, a reader tired of people excusing inexcusable behavior.

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