Fault Is Not In The Technology, But In Ourselves

from the Zen-Computer dept

It seems like every so often, a columnist has to write about technology and spits out a ‘top ten’ list. Probably one of the most overdone topics for technology articles has to be a list of the ‘top ten things people dislike about computers/software/etc’ which can usually be reduced to the statement: it’s frustrating when technology doesn’t work the way people want it to. But apparently people are more forgiving to apologetic computers, so without changing what computers actual do, simply re-wording error messages might ameliorate the situation. However, the problem still exists, and the issue is that humans are the ones who build and design these systems, disregard owner’s manuals, and write cryptic manuals in the first place. So before computers start designing other computers, just pretend your laptop apologized to you, read the manuals, and make up top ten lists to vent your frustrations.

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