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Just as some newspapers seem to be taking a head in the sand approach to online news, others are really starting to think about how the news works online. E-Media Tidbits reports that a German newspaper is planning to add a variety of automated, but human reviewed, links to other news sources that could add more information to the articles they publish. They compare this to the way Google News works, but with the addition of the human analysis. While they claim this is “the first” site to do this, that’s clearly not true. Obviously, there are plenty of blogs that compile a bunch of links to news coverage on certain stories, but on the professional side, CNET’s News.com has been experimenting with this exact feature with their Extra product. Either way, it’s about time that news organizations realize that they’re not the only ones on a story, and that everyone knows that. Linking to others (whether or not they’re considered “competitors”) only gives the readers more reason to come back to the original site to get the full story.

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