Are You Paying Attention To This Sales Pitch?

from the wake-up! dept

A good presenter knows how to adjust their presentation when the audience’s body language shows they’re not so interested in what’s being pitched. However, with more and more people doing presentations over the internet, it’s tougher to read that “body language.” Webex thinks they have a solution. They’re adding a feature to alert a presenter if a viewer isn’t paying attention. So, if the person viewing the presentation has switched to another app (email? solitaire?) the presenter will know they better spice up the presentation quickly. This could be a pretty useful feature, though some might not think so if they’re caught snoozing. A smart sales presenter, of course, wouldn’t reveal that he or she knows the prospect’s attention had shifted, but not everyone is that smart. Update: A reporter at InfoWorld notes one of the problems with this approach. As Webex demonstrated the system for her, she switched to a word processor to take notes — immediately alerting Webex that she wasn’t paying attention.

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