Mobile Data Access Can Improve Business Efficiency – Realtor Case

Over at Mobile Enterprise Magazine, they have a decent story reviewing a couple of case studies in how access to data while away from the office can drastically improve the effectiveness of mobile workers. The first case study looks at a real estate agent who now has access to MLS listings over a RIM device. Okay, you’ve heard this kind of good story before, so what’s my angle? I’ll admit, it’s just a peeve, but the opening sentence of the article says, “…being able to work on the go is not just about improved efficiency but a necessary business model.” Ahem…it is just about improved efficiency, and ‘wireless connectivity’ is not at all a business model. A business model, for the benefit of the author, is a plan by which a company delivers products or services through partners and channels to customers, and as a result receives compensation which will (hopefully) more than cover expenses. The model describes how “value” changes hands. People (especially writers) should at least understand business clich?s before throwing them around – at least that’s the paradigm I learned from Dilbert.

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