Interplanetary Data Transport… By Laser

from the at-least-it's-not-WiMax dept

There are plenty of people who have been working on better ways to transmit data across planets as we reach further out into space. When the Mars Rover had problems it took some time to fix it, in part due to the slow data rate transfer from here to Mars (and back). However, NASA scientists are now working on a method to use a laser to beam data at a rate between one million and 30 million bits per second — quite a bit faster than today’s radio transmissions.

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Comments on “Interplanetary Data Transport… By Laser”

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someone247356 says:

I hate to burst anyone's bubble

Um, I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but radio waves travel at the same speed as light waves.

All electromagnetic radiation travels at the same speed through a vacuum. So using a laser, instead of radio isn’t going to speed anything up.

You may be able to transmit *MORE* data with a laser than with radio, but then there’s always that pesky line of sight problem…

Just my $0.02 (Canadian, before taxes)

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