Wireless Broadband In Action

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Some folks from Mobile Pipeline have been out and about in North Carolina testing Nextel’s wireless broadband test system using Flarion’s FLASH-OFDM technology that generated so much attention earlier this year. The reviewers are quite impressed. They found it an adequate replacement for fixed broadband, but (more impressively) discovered it worked almost as well in motion, while driving around. Mobility is where the real power of wireless broadband will be – because it will let people do things that they simply can’t do now. It’s worth noting, of course, for all the talk about WiMax, the mobile WiMax standard is still a ways away, and all the initial deployments will only be focused on fixed offerings. Nextel, of course, still hasn’t committed to Flarion, and is known to be testing a few other wireless broadband solutions as well (though, with less fanfare). However, no matter what technology (or technologies) you’re betting on, it looks like real mobile wireless broadband is on the way.

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