When Storage And Bandwidth Are No Longer Issues

from the such-freedom... dept

While the entertainment industry is still squabbling over exactly how to preserve much of an obsolete business model, the future is being created right behind their backs. While it’s just a single device, Panasonic’s new DVD recorder/digital video recorder with a 400 GB hard drive should give people a small taste of where things are headed. The amount of storage available is reaching the point that it’s almost not worth thinking about. This device, for example, can record 709 hours of video (nearly 30 straight days of continuous video). It also has broad connectivity, letting people program it via the internet and mobile phones and letting people access content stored on it the same way. While bandwidth is still an issue, it becomes less and less of an issue over time, and suddenly we get closer to a world where you can access all your content, anywhere at any time. That could lead to a powerful new way to think about what content really means, or it could mean that we’re all just one step closer to being criminals.

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