Major Spam ISP Kicks Off Spammers

from the small-victories dept

Apparently, Cable & Wireless US had absolutely no problem giving access to many of the most major spammers out there. Savvis bought C&W US earlier this year, and apparently had a big internal debate about how to handle the spam accounts, which continued to grow until they were hosting 148 of the world’s largest spammers (how nice of them). Apparently (as you might expect) some of the execs at Savvis didn’t want to do anything about these accounts since they were considered quite profitable. One former Savvis employee wrote up a 200 page report detailing all of the complaints about the spammers, and the executive battle was on. While some continued to insist that the spammers be left alone, executives realizing the potential damage to Savvis’ reputation (helped along by a Spamhaus threat to have Savvis customers blacklisted) have apparently convinced the company to shut down the accounts of all 148 major spammers. While it’s likely that they’ll quickly find new ISPs, shutting off such a major (and well-known) source of network connectivity for spammers has to be seen as a good thing.

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