Is Presidential Election Spam On The Way?

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Are you ready for that political spam? An anti-spam company is now estimating that the US presidential election will generate 1.25 billion political emails this year, and notes that the campaigns already have access to 25 million email addresses. Of course, both of these claims could use further explanation. As the article goes on to note, those 25 million email addresses are often held by companies who refuse to give them to the campaigns. If that’s the case, why are they included in this stat in the first place? Furthermore, the way the article is laid out, you would think that all of the messages are unwanted, but the details suggest that they’re including opt-in messages from the campaigns. So, when you boil the numbers down, it’s really not nearly as bad as the article makes it out to be at first. There are still likely to be some mistakes made with presidential campaign emails, but this article suggests there’s a problem where there might not be any.

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