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Samsung Will Launch A Mobile Phone With A Hard Drive

The smarter phones get, the more storage they need. Storage has become a limiting factor for many phones with able processors, but little data to process. Flash memory, the most common in phones, is relatively expensive and large by the kilobyte, where Hard Drives are power-hungry and expensive. But progress continues such that Samsung will soon offer a phone with a 1.5GB mini hard drive integrated in to the device. Such storage will boost phone functionality with respect to mobile media, games, and the increasing ability of a phone to become a laptop substitute. The linked article has an interesting line, “…(the) 1.5GB HD expands the memory capacity of mobile phones from the conventional 100MB.” Conventional 100MB?? I don’t think there is a single 100MB phone model in the US or Europe. Most Smartphones are currently around 32MB. 1.5GB is a massive boost.

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