Wireless Management Of A Computer System: Patented

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The patent system is just getting out of control. The latest is that a company named Expand Beyond has patented a system for wireless monitoring and management of computer systems. The patent (6,772,169) sounds incredibly broad, covering any systems where someone is using a portable device with a wireless connection to monitor computer systems. Why is this patentable? The big difference here is the “wireless” aspect — which isn’t a new technology. All they’re doing is taking something that existed over a wired network before and making it wireless. To say that’s “non-obvious” (as a patent must be) is a joke.

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Comments on “Wireless Management Of A Computer System: Patented”

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speedy says:

The last gasp of a desperate company

Expand Beyond is rapidly running out of cash in a market where their product can’t hold its own against better constructed competing products. Since they have taken in and burned through $15 million in venture capital, they are probably holding this out to the VC community as a way to try to recover some of the money they blew.

It is a sad…

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