Latest Induce Act Gets See Through Whitewash

from the your-motives-are-showing dept

Even as a variety of companies have offered up their alternative to the Induce Act, the Copyright Office has continued on their efforts, under the watchful eye of the woman who found the original Induce Act too weak. Today, they came out with their first draft of the revised bill, and it includes a few changes designed to quiet the unruly mob of filthy file sharers who actually took a look at the original bill and realized it would ban an awful lot. So, the new language makes the whole “induce” part “intentionally induce” which is a slight improvement. However, it leaves open plenty of other loopholes, and it looks like plenty of items on Hatch’s Hit List will still suddenly become illegal for no good reason other than Senator Hatch feels the need to do something, even if it causes more problems than it solves.

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