Feds Protect Us From Fake Flintstone Bank

from the phew dept

The latest scam to be taken offline by federal authorities is the so called First National Bank of Bedrock, which is leading to all sorts of Flintstones related jokes. The website claimed it was based in the town of Bedrock, Colorado, which has a population of about 10, and most certainly does not include a S. Granite Ave. (or, I believe, a N. Granite Ave.), let alone one that goes to number 7729. The article notes that regulators weren’t sure if the site was a scam or just a joke, but either way, feel safe, we’re protected against giving away our money to a bank’s website that looks so fake you’d have to be completely clueless to fall for it (Google cache, likely to disappear). Seriously. The site was hosted at a free webhosting site. Are there really people who would trust it to be a real bank? Apparently, they weren’t looking to appeal to the anti-offshoring crowds, because while officially based in Bedrock, Colorado, the bank is run “entirely offshore.” Just which shore? That’s too much to ask. But, for you skeptics, the little note about how they’re a “supporter” (not a sponsor, of course) of the 2004 Olympics should put you at ease.

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