Defense Department, US Senate Computers Zombiefied

from the talk-about-political-spam dept

We all know that there’s an exemption in CAN SPAM for political spam, but I don’t think they meant it was okay for Department of Defense and Senate computers to be hijacked as spam-sending zombie machines. However, apparently, that’s part of what the Department of Justice found out when they went on their spam crackdown binge. No real details are given in the article, unfortunately. They just mention that those two organizations both had zombified machines.

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Comments on “Defense Department, US Senate Computers Zombiefied”

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eskayp says:

No Subject Given

Clueless question for more knowledgeable others:
Noticed a .mil domain show up in our filtered and quarantined email at work this week.
Was that likely related to the DOD zombie threat?
I can see it already — Spammer to IT crony:
“I don’t care where you put the files; in with the top secret nuclear programs analysis data would be fine.”
Oh, yeah!
I didn’t desert Windows.
Windows deserted me, BSOD.

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