The Return Of The Google Browser Concept

from the rumors,-rumors-everywhere dept

A while back, we had suggested that it wouldn’t be particularly surprising to find out that some Google employee was messing around with Mozilla to create a Google browser. Others appear to be warming up to the idea as well. Jason Kottke has posted a discussion about what a Google-Mozilla browser might entail. While the press would go crazy, and inevitably start bringing up Netscape comparisons, that would be missing the point. Google isn’t trying to beat Microsoft (in fact, it appears they’re actively not trying to beat Microsoft), but to more or less reinvent the way people interact with the internet from scratch by becoming the operating system for the internet. It’s a different way of looking at things than Microsoft, and the most amazing part is that Google has put many of the pieces in place while most people still think they’re just a search engine or an internet ad network.

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