Forget Slamming Spam, Ashcroft Wants Those Evil File Sharers

from the gotta-get-them! dept

While all the talk was about how John Ashcroft was supposed to announce a massive operation to bring down spammers, instead, we find out that he’s been spending Justice Department resources bothering ISPs and arresting file sharers. This comes just days after a Justice official claimed that the Department of Justice had no real interest in doing Hollywood’s dirty work. Of course, the details suggest that this action wasn’t really targeted at normal file sharers, but traditional warez networks. Still, that didn’t stop Ashcroft from giving the soundbite: “P2P… does not stand for ‘permission to pilfer.'” Considering that it looks like he wasn’t really going after P2P users at all, that statement seems a bit out of place.

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Comments on “Forget Slamming Spam, Ashcroft Wants Those Evil File Sharers”

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Another Anonymous Poster says:

Uhhh, math doesn't work on this....

The Article says, “In order to join the network, members had to promise to provide between one and 100 gigabytes of material to trade, or up to 250,000 songs, Ashcroft said.”
But then the article says, “Each of the five hubs contained 40 petabytes of data, the equivalent of 60,000 movies or 10.5 million songs, Ashcroft said.”

Did anyone else think about the math on this one? if Each of the 5 people had “40 petabytes of data” then they would need to have 4,000+ 250 GB drives, which according to Maxtor would mean they would require some 1,350 Amps of house hold current just to spin the drives!

And I thought my 1.2 TB at home was impressive.


PS> [662 mA @ 12v & 858 mA @ 5v = 12.234 Watts] / [Average 300W Power Supply which draws upto 6A @ 120v] = needs 223 Powersupplies drawing over 1,333 Amps (then add 4-5 power supplies for the CPU & IDE controllers, and voila!)

hanzie says:

Re: Uhhh, math doesn't work on this....

Isn’t it even way more extreme than that? 5 people with 40 petabytes each means 200 petabytes total.

That’s 200*1024= 204.800 terabytes, or (204.800*1024)= 209.715.200 gigabytes. You’d need slightly under a million 250 gigabyte drives.

Did Ashcroft just bust Google, or is he just talking out of his @$$?

thecaptain says:

Re: Re: Re: Uhhh, math doesn't work on this....

I’ll second that guess and I’ll put forward the idea that his @$$ isn’t very bright 🙂

As for the commentor who is disturbed that the AG equates filesharing with theft, I say this:

Welcome to the USA Corp. Justice department – Hollywood division.

1 dollar, one vote, that’s how important “we the people” have become in America unless you’re a corporation.

Brian Shock (profile) says:

No Subject Given

I find it profoundly disturbing that the Attorney General of the United States equates file-sharing with theft. It has been ruled that while file-sharing may constitute copyright violation in specific cases, these same cases do not fit the legal definition of theft. (For instance, file-sharing does not deprive the property owner of the use of that property.)

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