The Digital Den? Not This Year…

from the a-bit-too-soon dept

Every year, there’s something new that’s being overhyped for the holiday shopping season. This time, it appears that many companies are hoping that this is the year that convergence products make “the digital den” a success. The only problem is that no one told the people who buy this stuff. Most people still don’t know anything about the idea of setting up a home digital hub, and, frankly, they’re scared that it would be too complicated. This is the type of product that really needs to sneak its way into the home via digital video recorders — which appears to be the exact strategy that TiVo is taking. However, considering how confused many people were by the original idea of TiVo, any marketing campaign that adds the digital hub component is going to have to be very carefully designed, or it’s only going to confuse people even more.

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