Online Games Equal The Economic Impact Of… Namibia?

from the not-quite-Bulgaria dept

Remember that study a few years back saying that the average EverQuest player could earn the equivalent wage of a person in Bulgaria by selling the fruits of his labors on eBay? Well, the same guy appears to have done a more in-depth study about the “GDP” of the online gaming world and found that it doesn’t quite stack up to Bulgaria, but has about the economic impact of Namibia — though, this ignores the cost of subscribing to the service, which might cut into the GDP quite a bit. The article claims that the next country on the list that could be passed is Jamaica, but according to the CIA World Factbook, it looks like Namibia is already a few notches ahead of Jamaica. Plus, the study actually seems to be looking at GDP per capita (as opposed to overall), in which case the findings make even less sense. The article claims a GDP per capita in the gaming world of about $2,000. According to the World Facts and Figures list, Namibia’s GDP per capita is about $7,100. Jamaica is about $3,800. When you get down to $2,000, you’re talking about the Federated States of Micronesia.

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