IBM Going After Gamers With Their Grid… Again

from the sounds-familiar dept

Despite running into all sorts of problems with their massively overhyped grid/utility computing system, IBM now says they want to go after online gaming companies, to let IBM host the games on their system. Of course, this isn’t exactly new. They announced something similar more than two years ago, and it doesn’t sound like they’ve gotten much traction with it. Of course, in the article, IBM spins this by saying they’ve been “sizing up” the market for two years, which basically means they’ve been trying and failing to sell into this market. However, they’ve clearly seen enough press coverage about the online gaming market, that they decided it was time to go public with their second major attempt at the market.

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Comments on “IBM Going After Gamers With Their Grid… Again”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

What about the Indian game server market?

We’ve heard enough about outsourcing to India. But with all that disposable income over there, won’t they start having their domestic game market? Will such games have virtual ads for tobacco candy? Indian kids are gobbling up tobacco candy like it was crack cocaine. American cigarette companies could make a fortune.

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