Second 802.11n Standard Added Just For The Sake Of Competition

Last week the WWiSE group got a lot of unnecessary press for submitting a standard to the IEEE for 802.11n approval that they had made clear they planned to submit months ago. Now, in another non-story, another group, under the name TGn Sync has submitted their own idea about an 802.11n standard. Again, the idea that there would be two competing standards submitted was known months ago. As the article here points out, this standards battle isn’t likely to be as problematic as others (such as UWB), since both submissions for 802.11n use MIMO as the base of their spec. Indeed, that is true. However, what is still problematic is the fact that companies are already trying to rush products based on these “pre-standard” versions to market. That’s going to be an issue when the “pre-standard” (read: non-standard) versions don’t actually work with standardized products down the road.

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