Juice Boost Scam Keeps Growing And Growing…

from the proof-please? dept

A couple weeks ago we had the story about the not really free, not really broadband, free broadband scam from a company named Juice Boost. Broadband Reports has an update today about how the scam/joke/pyramid scheme/something is taking on an incredible life of its own. The scam, of course, involves some sort of non-existent accelerator software and claims that even the most non-tech-savvy individual should realize are completely made up (free broadband connections over telephone lines and a regular modem that never go down and they’ll pay you if you receive a spam message or if the connection drops among other, equally ridiculous claims). Looking for any kind of details on the company turn up nothing but more affiliates (some of whom have even sent out press releases or promises of bars of silver if you sign up). The problem, of course, is that they’re promising affiliates lots of cash for signing up more people (limited to the first… oh, 80 million) so the affiliate spammers are coming out of the woodwork taking the ridiculous promises of Juice and “boosting” them even higher. Hopefully, this is all just a demonstration of how ridiculous most affiliate programs are, but that seems unlikely.

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Comments on “Juice Boost Scam Keeps Growing And Growing…”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Re: Re: WTF?

Amazing… all these Internet Intelligence Tests and we’re still surrounded by so many people who can’t pass…

Maybe we need to get the government to add a new class to the curriculum in grade schools – right after they teach kids that “stealing” copyrighted materials is wrong, they can teach kids that giving your money/info to complete strangers is even more wrong…

Artemist (user link) says:


If the uneducated people who want slam Juice really knew what is happening, they would not make such ridiculous troll hunts.
This is actually going to make the internet what it was designed to be. FREE. Free access to the internet with no charges. Without ripoff ISP’s charging people to use it.
It has been started by the 5 largest telecom industries in the world, to shut down the ripoff merchants who have up to now been ripping off the consumers of this world who just want to mainly find information for their kids to improve their education.
Long live onjuice, and may the ripoff scammer ISP’s be brought to their knees at last. Including the biggest scammer ever, EINSTEIN who masquerades himself on http://www.scam.com as the biggest and best antijuicehunter in the world. This schizo, when offered the chance to communicate directly with the top juice official online and live, backed down under the pretention that he never gets an answer to emails. Bull8hit!!

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