TiVo Saves Bomb Suspect

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Just as TiVo is launching a huge new marketing effort (and cutting their prices drastically) in something of a hail mary pass to gain new customers before the cable companies suck up the entire market themselves, here’s an amusing story that TiVo might want to incorporate in their advertising. Found over at Dave Farber’s Interesting People list is a story about a musician who had a home-made microphone is his luggage, which freaked out security, shutting down five gates last week at Dallas Fort Worth-International Airport. That part isn’t all that interesting. What is interesting is how he proved his innocence. Arriving back at his home in Alabama (sans luggage, which he assumed was just lost) he was quickly surrounded by all sorts of law enforcement types. He explained what the microphone was, and noted that he had just used it on the Craig Kilborn Show — which he still had on his TiVo. So, with law enforcement officials huddled around his TV, he replayed his appearance on the show, so they could see that the microphone was, in fact, a microphone and not a bomb. The advertising campaign writes itself… “How TiVo proves you’re not a terrorist…”

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Comments on “TiVo Saves Bomb Suspect”

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perlchewie says:

Re: Of course

This is different from an accordion. metal detectors in airports emit RF and look for bounce back (metal bounces RF). when he went thru the metal detector, his microphone probably emitted enough RF to not only set off his metal detector but all the ones around it. The interesting and dangerous thing about this is that this suggests a vulnerability and a way to exploit that vulnerability to achieve a different objective in airport scanners. i’m not going to enumerate/suggest the way or the objective but clever people out there would not need a clue from me on this.

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