Modular By Design

from the piecing-everything-together dept

Tristan Louis writes “After much reading and thinking about convergence, I started putting together what I hope can eventually become a grand unified theory of convergence in digital media. I call the concept “Modular by Design”. The intro defines the concept, which I followed up so far with posts about its impact on the music industry in general, the Digital download music arena in particular and broadcast TV.

Over the next few days, I plan to also create entries about cable TV, telephony, news gathering (weblogs?), and software.” Interesting theory, which is similar to what some others have been talking about lately as well. This does put it all into a nice reference frame, however. It’s basically taking the web-services model and applying it to just about anything digital, recognizing that opportunity grows via network effects of being able to easily connect the various modules. There are still business model questions raised, but business models have a way of following opportunities without much difficulty.

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