The Not Really Free, Not Really Broadband, Free Broadband Scam

from the sounds-great dept

Aaron writes in to point us to a story at Broadband Reports about a scam claiming to offer “free” broadband, when the truth is anything but that. The company in question is really just offering one of those silly web “accelerator” tools that speed up some dialup web surfing by caching images and using some compression. It’s not really broadband at all, though if you’re stuck on dialup, apparently it helps. It’s also not free at all, since it’s a typical pyramid scam, where you need to get others to sign up first. Since they know otherwise intelligent people will know it’s a scam, the site doesn’t make outrageous claims on their home page, but leaves those only for those who come via a referral code (which is all part of the scam) at which point they start making outlandish claims anyone with a bit of broadband knowledge would know were false.

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