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While many of the carriers continue to look for ways to get every last dime when it comes to mobile content, it appears that O2 is willing to try a little experiment that you might just recognize: say hello to ad supported content. That’s right, O2 and a company named Unanimis Consulting (bet you they need to spell that out for everyone they talk to) have decided to launch a mobile video offering that will be supported by typical commercials. Funny that they do this just as some are saying the traditional TV commercial is dying. Maybe it’s just moving to the mobile phone? I would bet not. Moco News points out that this may be a sign of a trend shift where mobile phone service will move towards more ad supported revenue, but it’s not going to be with 30 second spots. Since most mobile services and content need to really fit in with what the person is doing, having them deal with a 30 second commercial doesn’t seem particularly compelling. Mobile video on the go needs to be flexible in terms of the amount of time it takes, because no one is planning on catching a full TV show on their phone. They’re only going to watch at points when they’re stuck somewhere with no TV and have a free moment. Sticking commercials into that time doesn’t seem like it will attract that much interest.

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Comments on “Ad Supported Mobile Video”

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1 Comment
data64 says:


I think a lot of people would put up with a 5-10 sec ad to watch a 50 sec clip of Barry Bond hitting that home run (just an example ) or the Pats scoring a touchdown from previous nights game. I don’t seem them paying for that though.

I guess more relavent to Europe would be highlights from previous nights Aresnal – Man Utd game 🙂

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