Yahoo's Offers New Anti-Spyware Tool… That Actually Finds Spyware

from the well,-it's-about-time dept

It appears that Yahoo heard the backlash loud and clear a few months back when they released an anti-spyware tool that just so happened to skip over adware from Yahoo partners. The latest version, built on PestPatrol’s technology will now default to notifying users of both “spyware” and what they consider to be “adware” and then give the user the choice of what to do. I haven’t tested the product yet, but it sounds like they’re moving in the right direction. It still makes you wonder what they were thinking in offering a purposely crippled offering. People know what spyware is, and telling them that spyware isn’t spyware doesn’t change how people feel about it. It also doesn’t make them look kindly back at the company that provided them with the bogus anti-spyware tool in the first place.

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