Class Action Suit Against Yahoo For Those Abused On Message Boards

from the it's-illegal-to-flame? dept

A lawyer in California is trying to drum up a class action lawsuit against Yahoo to get them to pay anyone who’s been verbally abused on Yahoo’s message boards. The lawyer in question is apparently pissed off at Yahoo because they wouldn’t tell him who made fun of him on their boards a while back. He eventually sued them, and they gave him whatever info they had, but much of it turned out to be false (no, really, someone gave false info? shocker). So, now, pointing to Yahoo’s terms of service that forbid “unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libellous, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable,” posts, the lawyer is trying to put together a class action lawsuit against Yahoo for not living up to stopping those types of posts. Of course, if this succeeds, then it would make sense for most message boards to no longer forbid such posts. This looks like yet another random lawsuit simply picking on a big company because they have money.

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Comments on “Class Action Suit Against Yahoo For Those Abused On Message Boards”

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dorpus says:

A Barbed Wire World

If you think I am a jerk on here, you haven’t seen me on some other forums. I’ve singlehandedly brought down a discussion site that used to have thousands of members, because I made everyone so upset. They used to have dozens of moderators on account of me, but now they are fleeing in droves because they’re having nervous breakdowns. Every site on that topic throughout the internet is switching to invite-only sites.

I see it as the future of the net, though.

dorpus says:

What do I NOT do?

People accuse me of being many things. But what do I NOT do?

I do not assume many guises and identities, have flame wars with myself, and drag down the level of discussion. I do not spam advertisements on here. I do not make death threats against Mike or other posters; why, I rarely respond to taunts. I do not post links to Techdirt on dark corners of the internet, nor do I make DoS attacks on the server. In summary, I have no plans to bring down techdirt, like I have other sites.

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