Sun Thinks About Buying Novell, Just To Upset IBM

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It appears that Sun COO Jonathan Schwartz has no problems tossing out a few provocative statements to get some headlines or to push a competitor to make an ill-advised move. The latest is the idea that Sun might consider buying Novell, solely for the purpose of taking control of SuSe Linux and upsetting IBM’s plans to push companies towards SuSe instead of Red Hat (who has become “too strong” according to Schwartz). While Sun may actually be thinking about such a move (though, it seems unlikely), it is amusing to see Schwartz using interviews and his blog to try to goad IBM into making a move. It really looks like the only point of this discussion isn’t to have Sun actually think about buying Novell, but to scare IBM into hastily making a bad move (possibly buying Novell, themselves).

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