Teen Gets Prime Minister's Phone Calls

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Recycling of phone numbers is not a new thing. My home phone, for instance, used to be the phone number for the local social security office, apparently. I get a fairly frequent stream of calls (even if I’ve had the number for many years already) from people trying to reach social security. Nowadays, the problem tends to come from recycling of mobile phone numbers. There was the well-publicized story of Chris Rock’s old mobile phone number going to some woman. In the UK, there are problems with people receiving expensive premium SMS services they never ordered, but which were set up by the previous owner of the same number. Now, in Norway, a 16-year-old girl is receiving phone calls meant for the country’s Prime Minister, after he ditched his mobile number, and it was recycled to her. How often do you get to say “sorry, wrong number,” to leaders around the world?

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Comments on “Teen Gets Prime Minister's Phone Calls”

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dorpus says:

Foreign prank calls

One woman told me a story of a radio DJ in Ireland who made up a random number in the USA, and promised some sort of vacatgion grand prize to people who called the number, so she kept getting all these (often lewd) phone calls from Ireland.

I got burned once by an international collect call from Japan, which I took to be a family emergency, but turned out to just be a prank call, and got charged $15 for it. I’ve learned to refuse international collect calls since, and they have been attempted. Although, I did once get a call from a young woman in Dubai about an ad for an apartment I posted on the net, near Washington’s Dulles Airport.

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