Ban The iPod, Save Our Cars

from the Did-You-Check-The-iPod? dept

According to this short article, an organized crime group that stole dozens of expensive luxury cars via identity theft, stored all of their documents and info on an iPod. They probably figured police wouldn’t bother to check if there was anything other than music on it. I assume this isn’t the type of usage that Apple will be promoting any time soon, but certainly adds some additional weight to the idea that the INDUCE Act should outlaw the iPod. Hell, if P2P is inducing people to (gasp!) share music, the iPod is a hell of a lot worse. It’s being used to steal cars. It’s a good thing Senator Hatch and Senator Leahy are working to save us from this threat. After all, as Senator Leahy so eloquently stated last week in an explanation for why P2P must be banned: “We have to understand that some people use P2P technology in ways that are wrong and illegal.” Obviously, that should apply to the iPod as well. We have to understand that these people used iPods in ways that are wrong and illegal. Ban the iPod! Save our cars!

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Comments on “Ban The iPod, Save Our Cars”

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Mast Maker says:

No Subject Given

Bravo! We need more ideas like this.

I am for banning freeways since it is used for crimes and especially after-crime-getaways.

Next, I want to ban currency since cash is the easiest way to make illegal deals without leaving a trail.

Next, I would ban politicians and corporations since atleast a few percent of the two above-mentioned groups are corrupt.


Dan Neuman says:

Banning Guns

I don’t understand why nobody is suggesting we ban guns. I am fairly certain they are used more often for illegal purposes than legal ones, even including gun range use. These things actually cost lives, not just cause hypothetical losses to record company execs.

Do the responsible politicians (ok, oxymoron) not realize that these bills open up precedence for bans on something the US holds near and dear?

Or maybe that’s part of their greater plan.

Newob says:

Outlaw outlaws

No. I think these times call for even greater measures. We need to outlaw laws. Hunt down policemen. Disband governments. After all, laws nave never prevented outlaws from doing anything. At best they only make us feel bad about doing things we were going to anyway. Only when there are no more laws can we be sure that unscrupulous people will not use the law to accomplish illegal activities.

Brad Brunfelt says:

RE: Ipod stealing cars - Guns Too!

Good comments,

It occurs to me that since Senator Hatch and Senator Leahy are so concerned about illegal use of P2P because it is being used illegally, then we should also point to a few other items that should be banned because they INDUCE criminal acts:

1. Guns (NRA BEWARE)
2. Cars (for getaway)
3. computers (identity theft, et al)
4. Stoves (for cooking drugs)
5. Cameras (for illegal porn)
6. shoes (hey, bombs could be in shoes!)

and the list goes on….

good work on this blog..

Brad Brunfelt

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