BT Lowers WiFi Prices… And They're Still Too High

Lots of people have been absolutely trashing European providers for their exorbitant WiFi prices (sometimes 10X what it is in the US), and while BT once amazingly claimed that reducing the price would have no impact on usage, it appears that they now want some empirical evidence. They’ve cut the prices for their OpenZone WiFi access drastically. However, the prices are still quite high. They may discover, in fact, that despite the price drops they don’t get many more users, simply because it’s way too expensive for what they get. A single hour now costs ?6, more than a full day pass at most US for-fee hotspots. The new basic plan they offer is ?25 per month with a cap of 4000 minutes. While 4000 minutes is quite a bit, the plan is still quite pricey. Meanwhile, it appears they still haven’t learned the lessons for-fee providers in the US are learning, that fee-based WiFi doesn’t pay, and they would be much better off bundling WiFi for free with other services.

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